Gary uses the extra income he makes from Matched Betting to spend more time with his son


3 Nov 2021

Updated: 13 Nov 2023

Date of Interview:

21st September 2021

What's your name and where are you from?

Gary and from Glasgow

Please can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm 44 and single, but have a 15 year old son who lives in England. I work full-time for a bank and enjoy going swimming

How long have you been a member of Profit Accumulator?

Since August 2020

Can you remember how you first heard about Matched Betting and what you initially thought about it? What convinced you to give it a go?

I saw it advertised on Facebook. I have seen a few things advertised on Facebook that seem like scams so thought this was the same initially.

However after seeing the advert a few times I did some research online and a lot of the reviews sounded really impressive so decided to give it a go.

I ended up signing up as a permanent member on day one of the trial as I was so impressed about how easy it all was.

Had you ever placed a bet before Matched Betting? Did you know anything about sports at all?

I follow football and had a Betfair account that I occasionally used. I had never placed a bet on other sports before.

How easy or difficult did you find it to learn Matched Betting?

I found the guides really easy to understand and it was easy to follow the process.

The one area I find difficult though is extra places. I understand them but I have never really got into doing them as I can never find recent matches.

What was your starting bankroll (or cash float)?


How much profit have you made so far?


Have you bought anything nice? Or are you saving up for something special?

I have probably been really boring with it compared to some people. As my son stays in England I travel down South a lot to visit him.

When I saw how profitable matched betting can be I set up a couple of savings accounts for holidays and Birthday/Xmas presents and move money to these accounts daily.

Matched betting has paid for all my trips to see my son and a few holidays to Blackpool.

Do your family and friends understand how you have made the money?

Friends who gamble understand it but wouldn't do it. They say they enjoy the excitement of seeing whether their bets will win and wouldn't want to do matched betting. Friends who are non betters think of it as gambling.

Are you a person that tracks everything or do you just roughly tot up your total profits every week or so?

I try and check all bets daily to see if have any additional profits through BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed).

How much time do you think you spend Matched Betting? When do you tend to do most of your offers?

About 2 hours on week days and in the afternoons at the weekend.

What kind of offers do you do to make money now?

I do weekly bet clubs and I do the Betfair odd boosts daily. I usually try a few 2 ups at weekends and occasionally do casino offers if they are low risk. I've recently started doing Paddy Power accas to try and get the free bet.

My biggest earner has probably been horses as I make additional profit whenever I hit a BOG, plus I have managed to get quite a few free bets from horse offers.

How have you found PA's services so far?

The service as a whole is really impressive as it clearly outlines each step and is easy to follow.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting Matched Betting?

Try the free trial as you have nothing to lose and make sure you watch the videos before placing your first bet.

What would you say to people who think Matched Betting is a scam, gambling or too good to be true?

I would point them towards the online reviews and explain how much profit I have made.

What advice and tips would you give to a new PA member who has just started Matched Betting?

Where possible place your bets on horses if the site offers BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed). That way you might make additional profits if a horse wins. Be extra careful when placing your lay bets and check everything twice.

What advice and tips would you give to a new PA member who's just about to start doing reload offers?

Start off with the ones that offer regular income such as weekly bet clubs and price boosts and get used to them before trying the likes of extra places.

Finally some quick-fire questions...

Football or Horse Racing?

Horse racing

Forum or Facebook?


Betfair or Smarkets?


Sports or Casino?


...and a word or short phrase to sum up how you feel about Matched Betting with PA?


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