Jim From London Earned £652 In His First Month To Help With The Arrival Of His New Baby

Jack Taylor

31 Oct 2018

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

What's Your Name And Where Are You From?

Hi, my names Jim and I live in South London.

Are You Married? Kids, Family Etc?

I'm not married but I have a new baby. She's only 6 months old. She's the reason I started matched betting, so I can get some extra cash to help out with all the extra costs.

If You Work, What Is Your Job?

I work in digital marketing for an advertising agency.

How Long Have You Been A Member Of PA?

I've only been a member for just over one month. Still very new to it.

How Did You Originally Hear About PA?

I was researching how to make money online and came across matched betting. I read some reviews and I liked the sound of the forum/community on PA.

How Have You Found The Service So Far?

Very, very good. The guides are really easy to follow and the forum is great (worth the subscription fee on its own!).

How Much Money Do You Think You’ve Made So Far?

In my first month I have made £652 profit. I only started with a £60 bank and I havent been able to devote much time to it, but it's gone very well so far. Pleasantly surprised how easy it has been.

Bought Anything Nice With Your Profits?

Baby clothes! Who knew that such small items of clothing were so expensive.

Do Your Family/Friends Understand How You Make This Money?

No they don't. I've tried explaining to them but they dont get it. I think until you actually do an offer, you don't fully understand it.

How Much Time Do You Spend Doing Matched Betting?

Not very much at all. A few hours in the week and a few on the weekend. My time is mostly taken up with baby stuff now, so I fit it in around that (also I work full-time).

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Is Thinking Of Starting Matched Betting?

Just do it. Honestly, it's really easy money.

What Would You Say To The People Who Think Its A Scam And Sounds Too Good To Be True?

Try it first before forming an opinion. Once you've seen it works, you'll change your mind.

What Advice Would You Give To New PA Members That Have Just Started?

Just follow the instructions. If you do that, you cant go wrong.

What Aspects Of The PA Site Do You Like?

The videos. It makes it so easy. If literally just follow the steps in the video, you will make money. It really is that easy.

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