Kieran Used His Matched Betting Profits To Become A Personal Trainer

Jordan Atkinson

12 Jan 2018

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

What's your name?


Whereabouts do you live?

Larne, Northern Ireland.

Are you married, kids etc?

I have a girlfriend but not married and no kids.

If you work, what is your job?

I'm now a full-time personal trainer.

How long have you been a member of PA?

Over a year now.

How did you hear about it - were you sceptical at first?

Heard about it from a friend. He assured me he was making money from it but I was still a bit tentative at first.

How have you found it - how much do you make from it?

I've found it to be really easy, no trouble at all really. Some of the harder the complete offers, like the ones you have to wager a few times, are a bit time consuming but apart from that I've had no problems.

I aim to make at least £300 per month. Some months I make more but it just depends how much time I have to put into it.

What do you do with the profit you make?

I left school with just GCSEs and was working in a call centre. I've always been into the gym and fitness so decided to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer. I used my matched betting profits to pay for the course and qualifications.

How much time do you spend on matched betting?

Maybe an hour or two throughout the week, then another couple of hours on a Saturday morning.

Why does matched betting appeal to you?

It's free money in my eyes. I can do it when I have the time and make money along the way.

What would be your advice to someone thinking of trying matched betting?

I'd definitely recommend giving it a try. Don't feel too committed because you can come and go from it, but you will be making money from nothing so it's a no brainer really.

Are there any aspects of Profit Accumulator you particularly like?

I just like how easy it all is. Everything is there for you to learn the process which just makes it all a breeze.