'Kokokoi' went from £180 to nearly £27,000 all by finding gubbing workarounds


13 Oct 2020

Updated: 10 Nov 2023

Please can you tell us a bit about yourself?

In full time employment so doing MB in the evenings/weekends so very much part time as I've got two small children as well.

When did you start Matched Betting with Profit Accumulator?

In August 2018 with a £180 bank. Had a 9 month hiatus and returned to action in December 2019.

Do you remember who you were first gubbed by and when?

Genting after doing their signup. I felt personally offended.

How many bookmakers are you gubbed with in total now?

Most of the good ones really. I kept my Skybet account for years which was nice. I probably miss my 365 account the most since I never got to use it for very long. William Hill as well.

Did you try any methods to prevent yourself being gubbed? Which methods would you recommend to others?

I try not to take arbs or super close matches with accounts that do good offers but I personally don't think mug betting is worth it. Be sensible and think long term rather than small short term gains.

What kind of offers do you do to make money now? Which offers do you feel are your best earners?

Given my gubbing situation I make most if not all of my money from arbing either gubbed accounts or accounts that never do any offers. Some bookies let you do offers even after a gubbing so it's always worth finding out even if it sometimes means you will just get a small QL while trying them out.

For arbing, I mainly underlay horses just before the off but there's loads of money to be made in other sports arbs as well. Especially low odds ones where you can get reasonable stakes on even if you are restricted.

How do you think your earnings today compare with your earnings before getting gubbed?

I'm not going to lie I've made loads more with arbing than doing offers with healthy accounts. It is, of course, also down to having a larger bank and being more experienced.

How much time do you usually spend Matched Betting now?

About 1 HR per weekday evening and 3-4 hours every Saturday and Sunday.

Do you have any advice or tips for those who have been gubbed and who are wondering how to keep making money?

Keep your mind open, READ THE FORUM, and try out new things. There's always money to be made but sometimes it just takes a bit more work. It has come to the point that most people won't give up their secrets very willingly but the forum is still a fantastic resource for information.

How much have you made Matched Betting overall and what do you like to spend your profits on?

About £27,000 but I've used £20k of that just on family life since my wife has been at home with the kids for a few years. Still very much life changing, thanks to PA for that.

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