Lee's picking up the habits of the elite and is reaping the rewards - hitting £2300 in profit in just 34 days!


15 Jan 2021

Updated: 14 Nov 2023

Date of Interview:

Friday 11th December 2020

What's your name and where are you from?

Lee, from Durham

Please can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m married, full time job (37.5 hours per week) and 4 kids within the household.

How long have you been a member of Profit Accumulator?

34 Days

Can you remember how you first heard about Matched Betting and what you initially thought about it? What convinced you to give it a go?

I come across it through a Facebook ad with Sam explaining what betting was, started reading through some of the reviews and was very sceptical at first. Like anything that looks/sounds too good to be true, it usually is. However, with the option of the free trail and the Facebook group I had already joined and observed lots of daily posts in, I thought why not at least give the trial a go. I immediately signed up to platinum after realising it works and how easy it was, I saw great potential!

Had you ever placed a bet before Matched Betting? Did you know anything about sports at all?

I had placed the odd £1 ACCA here and there with the hope of winning big but nothing serious. I love my football, so I would say my knowledge with this particular sport is very good.

How easy or difficult did you find it to learn Matched Betting?

I have found it very easy so far. I pay very close attention to detail and love working with numbers so it’s been great for me so far. Having the love for sport has certainly helped me enjoy it too.

What was your starting bankroll (or cash float)?


Can you tell us a bit about your Matched Betting journey so far?

I took my time to start with. I spent a fair few hours just reading up on what other successful members were doing well and what strategies they were using, reading through the forum and taking everything in. I think this has certainly been the most contributing factor to my success so far. Knowledge is power in almost all aspects of life, so its no different here. I did not attempt anything I was not absolutely comfortable with and knew exactly what I was doing. Its been great so far and I have honestly enjoyed every minute of it!

How much money have you made so far?


Have you bought anything nice with your profits? Or are you saving up for something special?

No, I don’t intend to dip into profits until my bank roll is £20k+, so I am reinvesting everything I make until then. This is just my strategy though, as I see great potential to earn much more, the higher my bank roll.

Do your family and friends understand how you have made the money?

Immediate family know and understand (to a degree) what it is I’m doing. They know so much as I’m not gambling and that I cover all outcomes, but not to get point of how it all works and exactly what I do daily.

Are you a person that tracks everything or do you just roughly tot up your total profits every week or so?

No, I track the most important stuff like which bookies I’m signed up with and what my balance is in each and every one so all my money is accounted for. As for tracking bets, I put them all in a notepad, count my profits end of day and input them to my profit tracker on a Monday, which is usually the quietest day for matched betting. Spreadsheets and overcomplicating stuff just takes away time from matched betting, which in turn takes away your profits.

How much time do you think you spend Matched Betting? When do you tend to do most of your Matched Betting?

1-2 hours per day through the week and between 2-4 hours per day on a weekend.

How have you found PA's services so far? What aspects do you like the most?

I couldn’t matched bet so efficiently without the tools readily available like the oddsmatcher, advanced calculators and most importantly, the knowledge of those who have been doing it years

What would you say to people who think Matched Betting is a scam, gambling or too good to be true?

How can you honestly write something off without even trying it? At the very least, do the trial or join the Facebook community to see how many genuine people post on a daily basis.

What advice and tips would you give to a new PA member who has just started Matched Betting?

Take your time, read, read some more, read a little bit more and just when you think you know everything, read some more. I have not even scratched the surface with the amount of strategies I can take on board with matched betting and still jump in forum threads, blown away by some of the stuff I read and leave the thread thinking “what language was that?" Don’t run before you can walk and have a clear routine each day.

Finally some quick fire questions...

Football or Horse Racing?

Forum or Facebook?

Betfair or Smarkets?

Sports or Casino?

...and a word or short phrase to sum up how you feel about Matched Betting with PA?


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