'Matched betting means I can make money in my pyjamas'

James McMath

10 Jul 2017

Updated: 10 Nov 2023

Trish found out about matched betting from a friend at her pottery class in Gateshead. She joined Profit Accumulator a year ago and matched betting profits are now a major source of income.

I am married with one dog, three cats and a chicken called Spock who lives in the house.

My previous job was with Northumbria Probation until the service was privatised and my contract came to an end. I inherited some rents and up until Christmas last year I was writing a biography for an eccentric millionaire.

I also sell things via eBay, write and make gargoyles at my pottery class. I make the gargoyles as there are only so many pots you can throw and bowls to make and besides they freak my husband out when he comes home.

I wanted a piece of this

Funnily enough it was at the pottery class where I first heard about PA. A girl called Becky joined the class last July and when I found out she lived quite near me and didn’t drive I offered to give her a lift each week. Well, they say one good turn deserves another and that is exactly what happened.

We were in the car talking about side lines and she smirked and said “I’ve got a side line” The mere fact that she didn’t elaborate made me want to know more. After all I was giving her a lift! “Have you heard of matched betting?” she asked.

I had to admit I didn’t and then she told me. Now Becky has a degree in zoology and works for a financial institution managing hedge funds and stuff so I knew she wasn’t an idiot! If I had heard of PA on the TV or another source I admit I would have been more sceptical.

"It took me a couple of hours but it worked - it really worked!"

Apparently she and her husband were once in dire financial difficulties through no fault of their own and because of the nature of her work she couldn’t afford a bad credit record. A friend told her about it and at that time she would try almost anything. And it pulled her out of a hole big style. She had no reason to lie so I wanted to know more.

I was intrigued. She said that she never really mentioned PA to anyone as they either thought it was too good to be true or something like pyramid selling. I reckoned I wanted a piece of this!

It was the first bet I'd placed

She sent me the PA link and I have to admit the first thing I typed in Google was Matched Betting Scam. After a fruitless search, I sat down to watch the videos and get my head round it all. Watching the videos, I had to admit that Sam didn’t look like the sort of bloke to be a scammer but you never know.

What followed was a couple of days watching the videos trying to get my head round the fact that I wasn’t going to lose any money and come to terms with the totally alien concepts of bookies, betting and my fear of numbers of any sort.

Eventually, I took Sam’s (Stoffel, PA founder) advice and decided not to overthink it and just follow the instructions. That £5 bet at Coral, the first I’d ever placed took a good couple of hours! And it worked!!!! It really worked!

The proof of the pudding...

I didn’t tell my husband but dropped enough hints to let him know I had a new money-making scheme online. First of all he thought I was doing something dodgy on the webcam! He wasn’t best pleased when he found out I was ‘gambling’ as he called it but when the money rolled in he was well impressed. The proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say.

"Matched betting appeals to me because I can do it in my pyjamas"

Much easier than slaving away on eBay, legal and tax-free. I managed to pay a big wedge off my credit cards and have since made a nice profit every month. Unless you do something stupid and don’t double check everything you can’t go wrong.

People don't know what they're missing

Of course, the amount of people who laugh and don’t believe me when I say it works don’t know what they are missing. I also know people who just can’t be arsed or think it is too complicated to make free money but that’s up to them.

I probably spend about a few hours a week matched betting now. I have had some expenses so I have to build my bank up but that’s ok. One of the best threads on PA is about rebuilding with limited funds. The calculators and oddsmatching software make life very easy indeed and on the occasion I have had a question help is always on hand.

I felt violated by my first gubbing from Paddy Power but it’s water off a duck’s back now. I cheerfully flip them the bird when I pass their shop in Newcastle.

The tax man can't touch me

Matched betting appeals to me as:
a) I can do it in my pyjamas
b) The tax man can’t touch me
c) It is easy money for minimum effort.

To someone thinking of trying matched betting I would say - Give it go. Do the £5 Coral offer and if you don’t make money I’ll show my a***e in Fenwick’s window, as they say up here.

I do like the PA site. I like the forum and the fact that it is friendly and so many people are helpful. The guides and tips and tricks threads are also excellent as is ‘Is This Offer Worth Doing?” which can set your mind at rest if you are attempting an offer you are not sure about.