Dad David: Matched betting has been Godsend. I don’t know what I’d do without it

James McMath

5 Jun 2017

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

David, a dad of one from the North East, has been with Profit Accumulator for just over a year. Here's his matched betting experience

What's your name?


Whereabouts do you live?

North East England.

Tell us about your family.

I'm married, with one daughter.

If you work, what is your job?

I work in IT support.

How long have you been a member of PA?

For 14 months.

How have you found it?

I love it. I always loved a bit of a flutter (and usually lost) but this is no risk. Taking money off bookies who used to take money off me is brilliant.

How much time do you spend on matched betting?

It depends on work and family, really. At the beginning I spent loads of time on it, learning the ropes and picking up tips and tricks from others. Nowadays I pick and choose, I don’t feel the need to do every offer. If I do a Saturday horse racing it will be four or five hours, then just bits and bobs through the week.

Why does matched betting appeal to you?

It’s quite elating when you get a winner. You get all the buzz of sports betting without the risk. It is also a great way to earn extra money.

What do you do with the profit you make?

It paid for a holiday to Madeira last year, I paid both our cars insurance for the year upfront, as well as helping myself and the missus get out of debt. We are now saving as much as we can as we are moving into our new home at the end of the year.

Are there any aspects of Profit Accumulator you particularly like?

The guys that run the show are very knowledgeable so they only put offers up that are tried and tested and will make a profit. You can trust their judgement on that.

Also, the forum is an absolute must. The people on there will soon sort out any query or problem. There’s always plenty of advice on strategies and tactics to ensure maximum profits.

The whole thing has been an absolute Godsend. I don’t know what I’d do without it. Ive recently reached £10,000 clear profit. Here’s to the next 10! Let’s see if I can do it quicker than the first.