PA member Tony runs Paris Marathon for children's hospital charity

James McMath

2 May 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

For many Profit Accumulator members, their matched betting earnings offer the chance to experience new things or to achieve ambitions they might otherwise have struggled to reach.

The extra cash each month really comes in useful - whether it's home improvement, saving for a wedding or buying a new car.

Our member often share their stories using our forum, aiming to motivate and inspire other matched bettors.

For Tony, a dad from Sheffield, the extra money helped him pay for him and his family to visit Paris, where he took part in the Paris Marathon.

His wife, Polly, and their four-year-old son, Sid, stayed in the French capital for five nights, including a visit to Disneyland.

Tony works at Sheffield Children's Hospital and was running for the Children's Hospital Charity.

You can donate to the Children's Hospital Charity here.

Tony, 38, took the time to answer a few questions about his trip and his matched betting experience.

Are you a keen runner?

I began training for the marathon about a year ago and it is fair to say that running has become a big part of my like. I usually run two or three times a week and, in true PA style, there is a spreadsheet to track my training and performance.

I got round Paris in 3hrs 12mins, which I was more than happy with but I have a nagging feeling because I know I could have gone faster.

About how much did the whole trip cost you?

Hard to say, I think entry for race was about £100 and I paid for all three of us to go on Eurostar to Paris and for give nights accommodation, so must be up near £1,000. I have also plenty of running equipment over the last year, all funded by PA.

How long have you been matched betting?

595 days.

How much time do you spend matched betting?

I go through phases. Sometimes I don't place a bet for a week, sometimes I spend all afternoon and evening in front of my laptop. One of the things I like about matched betting is the flexibility - you can do as little or as much as you want.

What else do you like about matched betting?

What's not to like? It is a fun, simple way to make tax-free cash. I treat PA as a little business, I like tracking where all my money is and seeing the profit figure increase.

Using PA has allowed me to buy lots of treats for me and the family - a car, holidays, nights out. We don't rely on the profits to pay bills or anything like that but when Christmas, birthdays or unexpected expenses come along we know we don't have to sweat.

What would your advice be to anyone thinking of starting with PA?

When I began training for the marathon I got an injury and my physio (paid for by PA) advised me to only increase my mileage by 10 per cent a week. I think the same applies to PA: start off slow and steady and as you get more experienced you will be able to do more offers.

If you don't feel confident doing an offer don't do it, instead get on the forum, read about it, ask questions and then, when you feel like you understand it better start off with small stakes.

Are there elements of PA that you particularly like?

I find the forum invaluable and entertaining. There are loads of really friendly, helpful people on there that are ready with a quick answer or bit of guidance when needed.

I have just started using the other tools (Acca Catcher and Match Catcher) which look really useful. Acca Catcher one seems to have demystified something from a strange dark art to a straightforward process with all the steps laid out in front of you.