'Matched betting helped save our kitten's life'

James McMath

22 Jun 2017

Updated: 10 Nov 2023

Profit Accumulator member Karl posted a message in our forum in to explain how matched betting had helped pay for the treatment needed by his kitten.

A few months on, Lily is now just over a year old and is doing fine.

Karl said: "At the time, me and my partner had just bought a kitten and sadly she became very ill in.

"So ill, in fact, that the vet bills were almost £1,000, which I could not afford at the time.

"If it wasn't for the extra £400 matched betting gave us we would have had no choice but to put Lily to sleep.

"Now, you wouldn't even know she had the injury.

"Since the injury I have struggled to get back into MB due to the small bankroll.

"I have only just got back into it after a long hiatus but I'm hoping the Ascot offers will re kindle the passion for it.

"It'll be slow going for a few months but I just need to keep telling myself where I'll be in a years' time."

Doubts soon disappeared

I live in Berkshire and, recently, I got engaged. I work as a manager in the leisure sector.

"I have been using PA on and off for almost a year now but only active for about three months total.

"I heard about PA through a friend of mine and yes I was sceptical at first but those doubts were soon pushed aside.

Building my bank

Currently, I am just putting the profit into the bank to build up my betting balance but using bits now and then to get through the months (leisure isn't the best paying job).

I only spend an hour or two a week on matched betting but I would like to increase that to at least 30 minutes a day now.

Stick at it

My advice to someone trying matched betting for the first time would be to stick to it no matter how daunting it may seem.

Even if you start with the smallest possible amount, you soon see the profits grow and, if you stick to it day by day, then you'll be making loads of money in no time.

I fell into a trap of slacking off and now I'm paying the price still dragging along at only a £200 profit a month at the moment (not for long, though).

A huge favour

PA makes it so easy, all the tools and advice are readily available and I have just noticed that the Platinum plus bolt-ons are now included with the membership so I better study up on how to use those.

PA has done me a huge favour with the little time I have put into it. There's no telling where it will take me once I make this a daily routine. Thanks PA.