Profit Accumulator customer review: Ben's story

James McMath

27 Feb 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Profit Accumulator is home to thousands of members who earn cash through matched betting every month.

We have a thriving forum, where users share tips, advice and chat, as well as a large following on social media.

Here, we find out a bit more about one of our members with a Profit Accumulator customer review.

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What's Your Name?


Whereabouts Do You Live?

Wirral - near Liverpool.

Do You Have Family?

I have two boys, aged six and nine and I'm soon to be married.

What Is Your Job?

I work for a bank, in mortgage collections.

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How Long Have You Been A Member Of PA?

Since September 2015.

How Have You Found It?

I've enjoyed every moment of it.

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How Much Time Do You Spend On Matched Betting?

Every spare minute I get, placing accas, using the match catcher for the horses - if I could I would quit my job, but I don’t think the missus would allow that!

Why Does Matched Betting Appeal To You?

The community, the major factor is I rarely ever bet now as I think, 'that’s £50 in the bin if it doesn’t happen'.

What Do You Do With The Profit You Make?

I'm debt-free, had two free Christmases. It's helped pay for my hobby of air soft, we've had holidays to Greece, Cornwall, Spain.

The big one is just being able to spoil the lads and missus. We're getting married in July 2018, so that’s the next target on the list.

Are There Any Aspects Of Profit Accumulator You Particularly Like?

The community, the layout of the website, the ease of use.