Spurs fan and grandfather Huw tops up his retirement income with Matched Betting


17 Feb 2021

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Date of Interview:

Sunday 13th December 2020

What's your name and where are you from?

I’m Huw and I live in Conwy, North Wales

Please can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m married and 65 years old. Retired now, formerly a librarian, then a civil servant specialising in digital communications. I have a grown-up son who lives in Leeds with his family and I’m a grandfather twice-over

How long have you been a member of Profit Accumulator?

I started using PA in mid-2016, just after I retired. Wish I’d joined sooner!

Can you remember how you first heard about Matched Betting and what you initially thought about it? What convinced you to give it a go?

I can’t remember, but I think it must have been an online advert. I watched the introductory videos and read the training, and grasped the concept pretty quickly. I had a little money to spare, so I thought, “what’s there to lose?”

Had you ever placed a bet before Matched Betting? Did you know anything about sports at all?

I’d not really had much interest in betting until about a year before I joined PA, but in that year, I tried some of the online tipsters. I stuck with them for longer than I should have and lost about -£400.00, before I realised it was just plain gambling.

Yes, I am interested in some sports, particularly football (I’m a big Spurs fan) and cricket. Through PA, I’ve learned about some of the big names and teams in sports I’m not interested in. I’m also a keen quizzer, so picking up sporting and geography facts helps some with that!

Of course you don’t really need to know or care much about sports to be successful at PA. It's just about understanding the concept, reading the odds and mastering the various ways to get value out of offers,

How easy or difficult did you find it to learn Matched Betting?

I think I found it fairly easy. The whole idea of betting against something happening was a revelation and I don’t know why this isn’t better known.

The tutorials and videos have been a great help from the start, and still are as I move into more complex offers. The Members’ forum as well is very useful, welcoming to newbies and almost 100% positive (although inevitably the occasional grouches)

What was your starting bankroll (or cash float)?

I think it was around £500. I probably didn’t bet as much as I should have in the first place. It took me a while to gain confidence to place larger amounts. I had a windfall of around £1000 a couple of years ago and added that to my bank. I usually have a bank of around £4k - £5k, but it’s taken a hit in the last month (see below) so needs building back up.

How much profit have you made so far?

Just over £15,000

Have you bought anything nice? Or are you saving up for something special?

Before lockdown I used to go on trips down to see Spurs and the PA money paid for that tickets, hotel, a meal etc.

I also used to travel around a bit taking part in quiz competitions. I like to get about an area when I’m away, so PA paid for the travel, hotel, meal and drinks out with friends, all that.

Of course that’s not been possible this year, so I bought an Alexa Echo earlier this year.

Recently we had to get a new central heating boiler in a hurry, and about £3k went towards that. Not really the sort of fun thing I’d intended to spend my PA money on, but it would have come out of savings otherwise.

And Christmas and birthday presents of course!

Sounds terrible, but sometimes I just like looking at how much I’ve got rather than spending it!

Do your family and friends understand how you have made the money?

I’ve told them a few times as I can get quite evangelical about it! I’ve only persuaded one friend to sign up so far (and claimed the reward for doing so)

Are you a person that tracks everything or do you just roughly tot up your total profits every week or so?

Yes, I’ve got quite a spreadsheet which tracks every bet as it settles, profit, free bets available, transactions to the bank, and all that.

Also notes how many bookies have gubbed me

I had a panic a few weeks ago when I lost my Microsfot Excel, but fortunately everything seems to have transferred over to Google Sheets quite smoothly

How much time do you think you spend Matched Betting? When do you tend to do most of your Matched Betting?

I do almost every day, as I do quite a few of the daily free offers. Probably about 90 mins a day

What kind of offers do you do to make money now? Do you stick to just sports offers or do you do casino offers too?

I do a few of the free casino offers, but tend to steer clear of them unless they have a really good EV, or if I’ve already had a good month. I’ve been doing 2ups more recently, as these have the potential to make a good profit. Also the bet clubs when I can

How have you found PA's services so far? What aspects do you like the most?

I’ve found PA’s services excellent. You’ll easily make a profit on the monthly subscription from the start, and a lot more as you build up your balance and get more experienced. The tools and tutorials are clear and easy to use, and the community forum is friendly and helpful. The Facebook group is particularly helpful for newbies.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of starting Matched Betting?

It really is as good as it sounds. Have a look at the basic tutorials, try the introductory offer, join the Facebook group, and ask if you’re not sure. There’s no such thing as a stupid question

What would you say to people who think Matched Betting is too good to be true?

Well, it is good, and it is true! I’m pretty cautious with money and by following the simple tutorials I’ve made over £15k profit in four years

What advice and tips would you give to a new PA member who has just started Matched Betting?

Understand the principles, follow the introductory tutorials then just do a few of the simple “bet and get” welcome offers to get a feel of things. Follow the odds, not your gut instinct, and treat matched betting as an investment, not gambling. Ask if you’re not sure before betting money.

Finally some quick fire questions...

Football or Horse Racing?

Forum or Facebook?

Betfair or Smarkets?

Sports or Casino?

...and a word or short phrase to sum up how you feel about Matched Betting with PA?

A great, risk-free way to top up your monthly earnings

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