'I like to provide for my family while they do things they enjoy'

James McMath

15 Jun 2017

Updated: 24 May 2023

Profit Accumulator member Tom has been a member for a little less than two years. He now averages an amount each month that's helping him save for a second home

Where do you live?

West Midlands.

Who is in your family?

I live with my girlfriend and we have two children.

If you work, what is your job?

I work for an electricity distribution company, where I do technical drawing.

How long have you been a member of PA?

Getting close to two years now.

How did you hear about it - were you sceptical at first?

My gym personal trainer told me about PA. He is a serious gambler and was telling me about how his friends use your service and how he wouldn't have the discipline to do it!

How have you found it - how much do you make from it?

I started off very slowly, I think with around £200 to play with. It took me around three months to get to a £1,000 because I kept spending my profits. I had a serious word with myself and gained some discipline.

I think it's an excellent gateway to the matched betting world. I have learnt so much in that two years from this website.

What do you do with the profit you make?

I work full-time in a decently paid job so I don't really dip into my matched betting money for day-to-day things.

I pay for our holidays and gifts for the family birthdays but other than that I'm saving as much as possible for two things at the moment: One is to save for a second home and, once I have achieved that, my goal is to get myself a BMW M3.

Also, I have given the other half the option of not having to work. I'm a bit old fashioned, really, and I like to provide for my family while they do something else that they can actually enjoy.

How much time do you spend on matched betting?

For me, it's a second job. I work at least four hours every evening and probably the same amount on a Saturday and Sunday. Basically, if I'm not at my day job or out with the family or playing with the kids, I'm working hard to achieve my goals.

Why does matched betting appeal to you?

It keeps your brain active and gives you an excuse to watch a lot of sports. Also, I like to earn money, pure and simple.

What would be your advice to someone thinking of trying matched betting?

DO IT! Don't try to rush it at the beginning. Spend a lot of time learning. Ask a lot of questions.