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Oddsmatcher Software for Matched Betting

The Profit Accumulator Oddsmatcher Software is an essential tool for maximising your profits from Matched Betting.

Alongside our matched betting calculator, the Oddsmatcher is arguably the most important resource for anyone who is Matched Betting

On this page we’ll explain all about this bespoke, industry-leading software and how it can help you take your Matched Betting profits to the next level!

What Is The Oddsmatcher?

Our Matched Betting profits are determined by the quality of bets that we place. We want to minimise our qualifying loss from Qualifying bets, and extract as much profit as possible from our free bets.

To find the best bets, we have to compare the odds at the bookie, with the odds at the betting exchange. But, doing this manually means tons of wasted time trawling through odds to find close matches.

That's where Matched Bet finding software - the Oddsmatcher comes in.

The Oddsmatcher is an amazing piece of software that constantly finds and compares the back betting odds at 100+ bookies with the lay betting odds of the 4 betting exchanges.

This allows you to instantly see the very best matched betting opportunities currently available.

The Oddsmatcher is a huge time saver and makes Matched Betting almost effortless.

Plus, by improving the quality of matched bets that you are placing, you’ll be able to extract more profit from the offers that you complete.

Oddsmatcher Key Features

  • Market Leading Software

The Oddsmatcher is an incredible Matched Bet Finder. The Oddsmatcher instantly finds, compares and sorts the betting odds at 100+ bookies and 4 betting exchanges, allowing you to quickly and easily find the best opportunities.

  • Built In Matched Betting Calculator

The Oddsmatcher includes a built-in pop-up calculator that auto-fills and tells you in seconds how much to bet at the bookmaker and exchange (back and lay) and your overall profit or loss.

  • Betting Exchange Integration

By linking your Betting Exchanges to the Oddsmatcher, you'll be able to place your lay bets from within the Oddsmatcher at the click of a button.

  • Handy Filters

The Oddsmatcher includes the option to filter by bookmaker, exchange, sport, date and odds. It also features pre-made quick filters for signup offers and popular reloads, plus the ability to make your own tailor-made filters.

  • Super Fast Updates

We've invested over half a million in developing this industry-leading software. It features super-fast updates, and auto-refresh, allowing you to always stay up to date with the best Matched Betting opportunities.

  • Additional Features

There are a number of other useful features, including bet quality ratings and clearly displayed exchange liability for all bets.

You can try out the Oddsmatcher as part of our free trial and make your first profits.

Advanced Oddsmatching Software

As well as the standard Oddsmatcher, Profit Accumulator also offers its members Advanced Oddsmatching tools designed to save time, and maximise profits.

Our Horse Racing Bet Finder tool (known as ‘Match Catcher’) is state-of-the-art software that finds horse racing bets with lightning-fast odds updates. This is the perfect tool for taking advantage of horse racing refund offers.

Plus, our Football Accumulator Bet Finder tool, (known as ‘Acca Catcher’) vastly reduces the time and effort needed to make guaranteed profit from accumulator refunds by constantly comparing bookmaker and exchange odds to find the very best accas available.

The Each Way Bet Finder tool (known as Each Way Odds Catcher) helps users quickly find horse racing each-way bets. This can be extremely useful for extra place offers, both by saving time, and keeping your qualifying losses to a minimum (in turn making you more money).

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Get Access To The Oddsmatcher!

The Oddsmatcher is a must have tool for saving time and maximising profit.

The Oddsmatcher is part of an incredible range of features available exclusively to our Platinum and Diamond members.

If you’re new to matched betting, then grab our free trial to make your first £40+ profit.

As part of the free trial, you’ll get the chance to use the Oddsmatcher, to see just how transformational it is for Matched Betting.