Waiting For You Accounts To Be Verified? Some Tips To Help You

There's nothing more annoying than being ready to dive in and start profiting only to be stopped in your tracks waiting for one of your accounts to be verified. Trust us, we know, as we've all been there too! 

It's completely normal and pretty much everyone has to do it. The good news is that a lot of the time the process is automatic and you do not need to actually do anything. Bookies can search against things like the electoral roll and gather from that the information they need to confirm your age.

Whilst it's frustrating when you do have to do verification, please keep in mind the measures are there to help keep your money safe AND prevent underage gambling. I'm sure you'll agree both are very important. 

Here are a few tips to help you speed up your journey to profit going forward.

1. Have your documents ready to go in case you need them

We highly recommend having all the commonly requested 'Know Your Customer, KYC' documents ready to go in a file on your phone or computer. If a bookie does ask for verification, you are ready to go quickly with what you need.

The documents most often requested are:

Photo ID: this can be your passport, drivers license or a national ID card

Proof of Address: this can be anything that proves your address so: bank statements, utilities bill, mobile phone bill, council tax for example. 

Proof of Payment: an image of the front and back of the bank card you used to make your deposit with - with this make sure you blank out the middle digits of the long card number.

Please note that you will not have to send off the originals - just copies.

2. Try to keep one step ahead

If you're waiting for bets to settle on your first offer, why not sign up for the next bookmaker so you're ready to go there? You don't have to deposit anything - just register and complete any verification requests you can see or which they contact you about.

You only want to do this a day or so before you plan to deposit and place your first Matched Bets because to be eligible for some of the signup offers they need to be completed in a certain number of days after registration (most of the time it's within 7 days).

Even if a bookmaker doesn't initially ask for verification, they often have a section where you can upload documents. This can be worth doing so you don't need to worry about it later.

3. Turn the wait into an opportunity 

As soon as you complete the free trial, bag your £40 or so in profit and upgrade - you're going to quickly see making the most profit possible with Matched Betting is more than about just completing the sign-up offers.

Whilst you wait for your verifications why not learn more about what's coming up?

  • If you haven't already, join the Facebook Group. As well as our experts, there are over 50,000 members in there talking about Matched Betting and how to make the most profits - every single day! They really are an exceptional resource for any beginner.
  • Once you're in the Facebook Group, make sure you browse the events section for any upcoming live training events and then also the videos section - where you can watch back live training events on various topics. Highly recommend starting with Simon and Andy's Newbies: Ask Anything event from April 2023
  • Browse the blog. It's a wealth of knowledge and tips.
  • Get in touch with the customer support team. Now's a top opportunity to ask any questions you have about your next steps after the free trial and about how you can make the most of your Matched Betting. Our customer support team are all Matched Betting experts - so you really want to take any opportunity you can to pick their brains, as they can help you really take your profits next level. 

4. Keep in mind everything will get faster going forward

In terms of making money, the bookies' sign-up offers are the 'warm-up' to the 'main event' in Matched Betting.

The main event, or most of our profits, actually come from the promotional offers the bookmakers give to their customers AFTER they've signed up. These are called existing customer offers, or "Reload Offers".

This all means as soon as you've completed the sign-ups and any pesky verification processes - you can purely focus on making money with Reload Offers.

We're fairly certain none of these members are giving the verifications they had to do at the start of their journey with us a second thought now!

You can read 100's more stories like these in our Facebook Group.