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Match Catcher

Match Catcher is our cutting-edge matched betting software designed to help maximise profits from horse racing refunds.

Available to all Platinum and Diamond Members, Match Catcher can help you make serious profits from horse racing offers, saving time and keeping qualifying losses as low as possible.

Match Catcher cuts the effort needed to take advantage of horse racing refund offers, which are considered one of the most profitable forms of Matched Betting reload offer.

The Match Catcher removes the need to search through and compare bookmaker and betting exchange odds on horse races. Instead, the Match Catcher constantly compares the odds to provide you with up-to-date prices all in one place.

The Match Catcher allows you to compare the bookmaker odds with the betting exchange, and will also calculate your lay bet stakes, so there is no need for a separate Matched Betting Calculator.

Horse Racing Refund Offers

An example of a Horse Racing Refund Offer would be a bookmaker offering a £25 free bet if your horse finishes second in a race.

To to take advantage of this, we can place a back and lay bet on a horse/s for a small qualifying loss. Then, in this example, if the horse you bet on finishes in second place, you will receive a £25 free bet.

Over time, this can be a very profitable type of Matched Betting promotion and is certainly something to add into your routine if you are serious about long-term matched betting.

Alerts System

Match Catcher allows you to set alerts, so that you can be notified when a particular match is found.

This means you don't have to sit around waiting for good bets. Instead, you can get on with your day, and get notified when good bets become available.

When they do, you can place your bets and then just wait to see if you hit any second places.

Minimise Your Qualifying Losses

The key aspect to making big profits from horse racing refunds is keeping your qualifying losses to a minimum.

Horse Racing Refund Offers are a longer-term strategy, in that you won't make a profit every time.

But, if you keep your qualifying losses low and do as many offers as possible, then over time it will pay off and can result in fantastic profits.

Plenty Of Offers

Horse Racing Refund Offers are available almost every day.

In particular, weekends can see a number of these offers available.

Then, during high-profile events such as the Cheltenham Festival or the Grand National we see loads of the bookies offering horse racing refunds, often on multiple races each day.

Match Catcher At Its Best

Match Catcher really comes into its own during busy horse racing periods.

It's great at weekends, when there are a lot of meetings and bookmaker offers and even better during Cheltenham week.

Millions of pounds are bet over the course of the festival and bookies fight tooth and nail for a slice of the action. This means a vast array of betting offers, including refunds.

And this is where Match Catcher is so useful. It features real-time odds on all the qualifying markets and can be filtered by bookie and exchange to suit your preferences.

You can also set up alerts to be notified when a match is found that fits a given criteria.

Here's what one of our members had to say about Match Catcher:

"The notification feature is my favourite part of it. The ability to set up any race, tick all your requirements and just wait for the audible alert saves hours of scouring the sites and allows you to cover so many more events that you wouldn't have done otherwise."

How To Use Match Catcher

Just like the normal Oddsmatcher, Match Catcher allows you to filter results by bookmaker and exchange, as well as the facility to filter results by other criteria such as race time and market type.

You can filter by minimum and maximum odds and specify a maximum qualifying loss.

Market availability shows how much liquidity is available in the exchange market. The toggle columns dropdown box lets you chose the information you see and this can be particularly useful when using on mobile or tablet.

When you have found a match you like, you can click the links in the software to take you straight to the market for the bet with the bookie or the exchange.

Use 'save events' to monitor a bet in a particular market and 'alerts' to be notified when a match meets your criteria. This produces an audible and visual alert every time a match is found that meets your criteria - and this also works on mobile.

Premium Members can view a video tutorial to the Match Catcher, available here.

Ready To Start Smashing Horse Racing Refunds?

The Match Catcher is part of an incredible range of features available exclusively to our Platinum and Diamond members.

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