What Is Asian Handicap Betting?

Jack Taylor

4 Feb 2020

Updated: 24 Apr 2023

Asian Handicap Betting, so-called due to its popularity in the betting markets in Asia, is only available on football matches. Asian handicap betting is designed to eliminate the possibility of a draw, reducing possible outcomes in match market betting from three (1 x 2) to two (1 2). This is the main difference between Asian Handicap Betting and European Handicap Betting where you can have a draw.

The handicap on a team will be indicated by either a decimal figure of 0.5, 1.5 etc or a whole figure of 1.0, 2.0 etc. If a whole number is used then there is the chance that the game would end in a draw due to the handicap. As mentioned earlier Asian Handicap betting is designed to not include the draw so if this does happen then the bet is called a push (voided) and the stake is returned to the bettor.

As mentioned, the name itself comes from the fact this type of bet is popular with Asian punters. Although it’s not restricted to just Asian sportsbooks, the best Asian bookmakers or Asian handicap betting platforms - Asian handicap odds are available.

Whole Line Asian Handicap

In this market Team A are starting with a -1 goal deficit, essentially they are 1 nil down before the game kicks off. If you were to bet on Team A you would need them to win by 2 or more clear goals for the bet to win so 3-1, 2-0, 4-1 etc. If Team A wins by just 1 goal then the bet will be a push as the game would be seen as a draw due to the -1.0 handicap. If Team B wins by any score then the bet will lose.

If you were to back Team B with their 1 goal head start then you will win your bet if: Team B wins or if it is a draw. If Team A win by 1 goal then the bet will be a push and stake returned. If Team A win by 2 or more goals then the Team B bet will lose.

Half Line Asian Handicaps

With half line Asian Handicaps, there is no way a draw can happen as the handicap is set to a 0.5 decimal place. In this example, Tottenham have been given a 0.5 goal headstart over Liverpool, with Liverpool starting with -0.5 goals.

With this, if we were to place a back bet on Tottenham +0.5:

  • If it is a draw we win the bet as Tottenham have that extra 0.5 goal
  • If Tottenham win the game by any score the bet wins
  • If Liverpool win the game by any score then the bet loses

Conversely, if we were to back Liverpool with their -0.5 handicap:

  • If Liverpool win the game by any score the bet wins
  • If Tottenham win the game by any score the bet loses
  • If it is a draw then with this one we would lose our bet as Liverpool started -0.5 goals behind

Split Line Asian Handicaps

Hopefully, you have followed this so far as this is where it gets a little bit more complex. You may notice at times two figures/lines against a team for Asian handicaps. These are known as Split Line Asian Handicap bets and with these, your stake is divided between the two lines so you are actually placing two bets in one.

With the above example if you placed a £10 stake on Ecuador U20 -0.5, -1.0 then £5 of your stake is placed on the whole line handicap of -1.0 and £5 is placed on the half line handicap of -0.5.

This means that if Ecuador were to win 1-0 then your half line handicap bet will win and your whole line handicap is a push meaning that your £5 stake for that one will be returned.

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