Can You Lose Money Matched Betting?

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15 Apr 2024


You can take advantage of many different types of offers when Matched Betting. Some offers allow you to lock in a profit every time risk-free, while others give you the chance to take great value but can result in losing money in the short term.

In this article, you’ll find out which types of offers you can profit from without losing any money and also find out why the offers that are not risk-free are worth doing and are quite often the most profitable in the long run.

Which Offers Can You Use To Lock In Profits?

Sports signup offers, bet and get offers and price boosts are the main offers you can use to ensure you’re locking in a profit each time without losing any money.

Signup Offers & Bet And Get Offers

The majority of the sports signup offers are bet and get offers such as bet £10 get a £30 free bet. These types of offers allow you to cover all outcomes of your bets to avoid losing any money.

You can do this by placing a qualifying bet to lock in a very small loss using your own money and then using the free bet you qualified for to lock in an overall profit for the offer.

Beyond the signup offers there are many bet and get type reload offers which are available for you to do as an existing bookmaker customer.

Price Boosts

Price boosts are even easier and faster to do by simply placing one back bet and one lay bet to lock in an instant profit without any of your money at risk.

You’ll likely have seen when bookies offer special ‘enhanced odds’ or ‘odds boosts’ and you can often use them to lock in a profit whenever the boosted odds are higher than the lay odds at a betting exchange.

By placing a Matched Bet you’ll cover all outcomes of the event to ensure you profit whatever the result using our Matched Betting calculator.

How To Find The Best Risk Free Offers?

You should start by working through any sports signup offers you haven’t yet completed. In the member's area of Outplayed, there are more than 40 bookmaker signup offers to complete, and if you do them all, you should expect to make more than £850 in pure profit without any of your own money at risk. You can access all of these for free using our free trial.

Once you’re ready to move onto reload offers, you can use the filter in the reload offers area to show only risk free offers.

Doing this will show you all the best available bet and get offers and price boost offers you can work through each day.

Can You Lose Money On These ‘Risk Free’ Offers?

If you follow the instructions for each offer correctly - you can't lose any money. This is because you’re always covering all sides of your bets so you won’t lose money when Matched Betting these types of offers.

The only ‘risk’ in Matched Betting when using these offers is human error. An example would be if you forgot to select your free bet at the bookmaker, using your cash instead or placing the incorrect lay bet so your bets don't match up.

Fortunately, by using Outplayed you’ll find the process super easy with step by step video and writing guides and the ability to place your lay bet instantly ensuring you have the correct bets placed at the click of a button!

In addition to that, we know mistakes can occasionally happen and we have tools you can use to fix any bets you place by accident. You can always ask if you’re unsure about anything using our support team.

Our experts are open and ready to help you 7 days a week. You can use email or live chat and we’re also proud to be the only Matched Betting service to offer phone support, so you can give us a call if you ever think you’ve made a mistake or need a bet checked.

How Can Offers With Risk Be Worthwhile?

Different offers can have varying levels of risk that you can use when Matched Betting.

When using offers that are not risk free, it’s important to know if they have a positive expected value (+EV).

If an offer has a positive expected value (+EV), then you have the edge and the odds are in your favour making the offer worth doing. If an offer has a negative expected value (-EV), then you'll lose money in the long run so the offer is not worth doing.

With Matched Betting using risk free offers, your profit over time graph will look something like this:

The profit over time graph for the Matched Betting offers with some risk such as casino offers will look a bit different:

The trend over the long term is an increase in your profits – like with sports offers. But, the key difference is that over short periods, there can be ups and downs in your profits.

It’s worth remembering that you can slowly include these alongside your risk free offers by starting with low risk offers and add more to your routine as you become more comfortable with them.

These offers are often the most valuable long term as not as many people hit them as frequently as the risk free ones. Over time you can build up your bankroll and join the experienced members making up to £1000 per month from offers such as extra places, 2up early payout offers and casino offers.


You’ll now know how you can use Matched Betting to make profits without losing any money provided you follow the instructions correctly.

You can also get ahead of others now that you understand that using offers to take on a risk level that suits you can unlock huge value that you can profit from over the long run.

Updated: 4 Jul 2024

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