Matched Betting Casino Offers Explained in a Nutshell

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30 Mar 2020


Making any type of return from casino offers is arguably one of the best-kept secrets in Matched Betting.

When you first start Matched Betting and watch the free tutorial videos you likely won't come across anything about making money from casino offers.

No one tends to mention casino offers to Matched Betting beginners. Often, they don’t know how to, without having to use terms such as ‘variance’, ‘wagering’ and ‘house edge’ etc. All this terminology can, understandably, be both off-putting and overwhelming to a newbie.

It’s a real shame because so many people end up missing out on another excellent way (and many would say far more profitable) of making money from home.

In light of this, we’re going to introduce you to casino offers in a quick and simple way. It will get you chomping at the bit to get started!

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The Matched Betting Casino Offers Strategy Explained

1) It's all about +EV...

Unlike sports offers, we don’t do anything like laying off bets. You can’t lay off a spin on a slot machine. There is no ‘casino betting exchange’ for doing casino offers.

We use a completely different, but equally clever, strategy to profit from casino offers.

The first key foundation of the strategy is: we only ever do offers that we know are ‘positive expected value’, or +EV.

You don’t need to worry right now about what we mean by positive expected value, nor how we work it out. Just understand that some casino offers are +EV and others are not.

As Matched Bettors, we ONLY EVER do +EV casino offers.

2) ...and time

With Matched Betting on sports, when done right– i.e. when you don’t do a typo in your Matched Betting calculator (we’ve all been there!) – then you can’t lose. This means the profit over time graph tends to end up looking something like this:

The profit over time graph for the Matched Betting casino offers strategy though looks a bit different…

The trend over the long term is an increase in profits – like with sports offers. But, the key difference is that over short periods of time, there can be ups and downs in profits. The downs can feel a bit off-putting at the time – but if you persevere, and follow the +EV strategy, you’ll eventually get results.

So, the second key foundation is to always remember the big picture and be prepared for the downs as well as the ups along the way.

Advanced Matched Betting Offers Based on +EV: Horse Racing Extra PlacesThe Football 2UP Early Payout Offer

The Casino Strategy Works If You Stick To +EV

We could talk to you all day about how fantastic the Matched Betting casino strategy is – but it’s far better if you hear it directly from the horse’s mouth...

Here’s some recent comments from members in our Facebook Group

You can see in the last comment the member was about to give up but decided to continue on - which was the best decision. Again, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of time and trusting the +EV strategy!

In the short term, some members will have kinder ups and downs than others, but if you keep working through Outplayed's extensive casino offers lists, then there are some major profits to be had.

Here are some more comments about casino offers from members, alongside their long-term casino tracking graphs (blue is the total +EV, which increases the more offers you do, and orange is total profit).

On a personal note – I was initially hesitant to start casino offers, however, it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. If you’re hesitant too then it’s worth remembering that - just like with sports Matched Betting -there is no better time to start than right now. Days spent thinking are days spent not taking action, doing offers and making profits!

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Matched Betting Casino Offers with Outplayed

If you already have a Platinum Membership with us you will be able to see many forum posts referred to in this article as well as many others right here. When you’re in the forum, don’t hesitate to ask our forum crew any questions you have – they are always happy to help and give advice!

With an Outplayed Diamond Membership, you get full instant access to our simple-to-follow casino offer guides, our extensive casino sign-up offer lists (worth over £1200 in expected value) and our daily casino reload offer lists.

You will need to dedicate a little bit of time (1-2 hours) to learning about how casino offers work and how best to approach the offers for optimal profits. We’re certain you will see these couple of hours will turn out to be time very well spent!

If you're a completely new member, then all you need to do is grab your Diamond Level Membership here to start profiting today! Don't forget our Diamond Level Membership also includes ALL the sports signups and reload offers too.


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Updated: 22 Sep 2023


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