Our Membership Levels - Explained


9 Mar 2021

Updated: 9 Feb 2023

At Outplayed you can now choose from 2 membership levels – Platinum and Diamond. In this article we’re going to explain the difference and what each level includes.

What’s the main difference between Platinum and Diamond?

Our Platinum Membership is focused solely on teaching you how to do Matched Betting sports-related offers and promotions from the bookies.

Our Diamond Membership takes this to a whole new level - by teaching and helping you how to take advantage of casino bonuses and promotions too.

Basically with Platinum, you get to make money Matched Betting on sports, while with Diamond you can make this same money PLUS more by hitting the casinos too.

What does the Platinum level include?

Everything you need to be very successful and highly profitable Matched Betting sports offers:

  • Full Training - extensive video guides and super easy to follow written guides for pretty much every type of sports offer and promotion the bookies hand out.
  • Over 60 Sportsbook Signup Offers – from which you can expect to extract £600-£650 of initial profit from.
  • Daily Sports Reload Offers – extensive lists of sportsbook reload offers updated daily (all with full guides). Depending on how much time you have available it’s possible to make some substantial profits a month Matched Betting these reload offers. We're talking hundreds and even thousands of pounds. These reload offers are really what Matched Betting is ALL about. For an idea of what’s possible to make based on how much time you have spare – please take a look at our Meet the Member interviews.
  • Absolutely Awesome Support 7 Days a Week – A highly experienced team always ready to go that extra mile to help you. They are also full of advice and tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Matched Betting experience.
  • The Community Forum – a phenomenal community made up of thousands of super active members all helping each other make money Matched Betting every day! There is no community like it anywhere else.
  • All Essential Matched Betting Tools & Software – The Oddsmatching Tool with betting exchange integrations, Standard and Advanced Matched Betting Calculators, Profit Tracker, Offer Progress Tracking Tools, Accumulator Odds-finding Software (Acca Catcher), Horse Racing Oddsmatching Software (Match Catcher, Eachway Catcher, Extra Place Catcher), Dutching and Arbitrage Tools.
  • 0% Commission at Smarkets Betting Exchange - this is currently available until 31st October 2022 but is very (very!) likely to be extended.

What does the Diamond level include?

Everything available with our Platinum Membership Level PLUS all of the following:

  • Full Casino Training and Strategy Guides - straightforward video guides and full walk-through written guides for every type of bonus and offer the casinos can throw at us
  • Nearly 150 Casino Signup Offers – worth over £2300 in expected value!
  • Daily Casino Reload Offers – super extensive lists of casino reload offers with expected values worth hundreds of pounds each month
  • Swift and Friendly Expert Casino Support 7 Days a Week – who between them have years of experience in taking advantage of casino offers
  • The Casino Section of the Community Forum - get extra support, tips and advice from thousands of members profiting from casino bonuses every day. Caroline's story provides such an example.
  • Exclusive and Essential Casino Tools & Software - including a full slots database and the specially developed Casino Simulator Tool which helps us optimize the profits we can make from nearly any casino offer.

Price differences between Platinum and Diamond

Currently, our Platinum Membership is £29.99 a month, or £250 a year if you choose to pay annually (which works out to a hefty saving of nearly £110 compared to paying monthly)

Our Diamond Membership is £49.99 a month, or £450 a year if you choose to pay annually (which works out to a big saving of nearly £150 compared to paying monthly).

Both membership plans are exceptional value, and, to be perfectly honest the profits you can make from the signup offers alone on each plan can more than cover the costs for an entire year - even if you choose to pay on a monthly basis!

You can get an idea of the kind of profits our members are making on our ‘Meet the Member’ section of our blog here, or you can join our Facebook Group here which has over 45,000 members all making money Matched Betting with us.

Where should you start? Platinum or Diamond?

After you do our completely free trial, the choice of Membership Level you get is up to you!

In the majority of cases we usually recommend our members to start on Platinum first, get the hang of Matched Betting on sports, make some super easy profits, and then upgrade to Diamond when you’re ready. If you have a small starting bankroll (£50-£100) we’d tend to recommend starting on Platinum first.

However - if you’re one of those people that has a decent starting bankroll, or a fair bit of time or enjoys diving right on in to everything you do – then go Diamond right away. There’s a lot to take in but if you follow all our guides and go for it you will quickly see the returns flying in.

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