The Extra Place Master: Make £500+ Per Month Without Free Bets


13 May 2024

Updated: 13 Jun 2024

Outplayed’s Extra Place Master is an advanced Matched Betting tool that will help you maximise your profits from horse racing extra place offers.

The software available with Outplayed Pro can accurately forecast the probability of a horse securing an extra place which means you can find consistent high-value bets which have never been available with any other Matched Betting service.

In this article, you’ll learn how the Extra Place Master differs from other existing extra place software, how it works and what you can expect to make from using it.

IMPORTANT: Before continuing, this article assumes you’re familiar with how extra place offers work. If you’re not quite ready, don’t worry, you can follow our four-part guide to learn all about them first: Matched Betting Extra Places (Part 1): The Basics

What Is The Difference Between The Extra Place Master And Other Extra Place Software?

For many years, Matched Bettors have taken advantage of extra place offers using implied odds as the main indicator of whether a bet is good value or not.

Whilst implied odds can sometimes help to find value, the problem is that this doesn’t take into consideration how likely it is that your horse will achieve that extra place position.

For example, a heavy odds-on favourite or a distant outsider might only land in the extra place once in 100 attempts or less, so taking what appears to be good implied odds might actually be poor value.

Similarly, other horses might land in an extra place much more often despite their implied odds not being as high. This represents a huge amount of potential value missed by only relying on implied odds.

The Extra Place Master has revolutionised finding value in horse racing - it’s able to simulate the actual probability of a horse landing in an extra place position.

It does this using a proprietary algorithm which analyses every participant and the composition of the race to be able to very accurately approximate how likely a horse is to land in an extra place position.

The result - you’re now able to determine with a high degree of accuracy whether a bet is plus or minus EV (expected value) and essentially if it’s worth doing or not.

The Extra Place Master gives you the actual value of your bets, and unlike other software, actually factors in the composition of each individual race which includes each horse's odds relative to every other horse's odds.

How To Use The Extra Place Master

The Extra Place Master has three modes:

Full Lay Mode

Full lay mode is for laying the win and the place part of your bet. This is the traditional extra place strategy.

Using this mode, you’ll make a profit if your horse finishes in the extra place.

If your horse finishes in any other position, you’ll typically make a small qualifying loss.

Part Lay Mode

Part lay mode is for laying the win part of your bet but not the place part. This will help reduce the variance compared to the no lay mode and focuses on the high value often found in the place part of each way bets.

Using this mode, you’ll make a profit if your horse finishes in any place position, for example 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th.

If your horse finishes outside the place positions, you’ll typically make a small qualifying loss from the win part lay plus you’ll lose the place part of the each-way back bet.

Part Lay mode is not currently active on the software but will be available soon.

No Lay Mode

No lay mode is for laying nothing. You simply place an each-way back bet at the bookmaker.

Using this mode, depending on the odds, you’ll make a large profit if your horse wins or a moderate profit if your horse finishes in any place position.

You’ll lose all your each-way back stake amount if your horse finishes outside the place positions.

The no lay mode is for advanced value bettors only. You’ll need a large bankroll due to the big swings in profit/loss. It’s also important to always make sure to check that the bookmaker is still paying the number of places shown on the software.

Which Mode Should You Use?

The mode you use will depend on your experience, bankroll and tolerance to risk.

The full lay mode will be suitable for most users who prefer a lower-risk approach to extra place offers. This strategy still requires patience and a long term mindset but downswings will be significantly shorter than using the other modes.

Although higher risk, the part lay and no lay modes have additional value compared to full lay mode and are especially useful when the exchange markets aren't well formed.

Keep in mind that they are much higher variance than full lay and you’ll have larger positive and negative swings in profits. These modes are for advanced value bettors only and require a large bankroll.

The huge advantage of no lay mode is that it’s faster and more profitable in the long run. No lay mode will show horses that aren't necessarily from extra places races but still represent good value. This means there’ll be way more value available and the process involves a quick each-way bet and then you can move to the next bet without having to lay your bets at the exchange.

The no lay strategy is very high risk so only suitable if you’re experienced and have a large bankroll that can take the swings in profit. The variance you’ll experience is similar to that of high risk casino offers:

Extra Benefits When Using The Extra Place Master

The Extra Place Master allows you to make money from horse racing betting whilst benefitting from some additional factors.

No Free Bets Needed

You don’t use free bets to profit from extra place offers making the process much faster compared to normal Matched Betting offers.

You Can Use Your Gubbed Accounts

You can make use of your gubbed and restricted accounts to place extra place bets and you’ll still be paid out if your horse finishes in an extra place position.

The only exceptions are Bet Victor and Boylesports but some users report they still receive extra place payouts on gubbed accounts so you’ll need to test this on your accounts.

Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG)

Some bookmakers offer best odds guaranteed which is a special horse racing concession that means you’ll be paid at improved odds should your horse start the race at a higher price than when you placed your bet - this results in you making more money than expected from your bookmaker bet if your horse finishes in any of the place positions.

How Much Can You Make From The Extra Place Master?

Many members are easily making over £500 profit each month using the Extra Place Master. The amount you can make will depend on the size of your Matched Betting bankroll and the volume of bets you can place. The main thing to focus on is the amount of EV you are taking.

Extra place betting is all about placing bets that have a positive EV (expected value) and will be a good indication of how much profit you can expect to make over the long run.

The Extra Place Master software shows EV for each horse meaning you can take the perfect profitable opportunities and massively increase your profits. This means no more stressing over what makes a good value bet - the software shows you exactly what you’re after.

If you’re using the no lay method and place a £10 total stake (£5 each way) on a horse that has an EV of 115%, you’d be taking £1.50 worth of value.

The percent value above 100% is your value so in this case, 15% of £10 would be £1.50 worth of value.

Keep in mind placing an each way back bet takes a matter of seconds and you can place multiple bets at different bookmakers throughout the day to build up a large amount of EV. Using larger back stakes will also increase the amount of value you’re taking.

What Size Stakes Should You Use?

Your stake size will depend on your tolerance to risk and what method you’re using.

The larger stake you use on a positive EV bet, the more value you'll take. If we use the same example using the no lay method and using a horse with an EV of 115%, if you used a £100 total stake (£50 each way), you’d be taking £15 worth of value.

As appealing as larger stakes might be with the no lay method, you must manage your bankroll correctly. Ideally, you’ll only be risking 0.5 - 1% of your bankroll on any given bet and even lower if using bets with particularly higher odds.

If you’re only using the full lay method then your qualifying losses will be much smaller and manageable. Your bankroll will largely determine the size of your bets in relation to the amount of funds you have available in your betting exchange to lay your bets.

When Is The Best Time To Use The Extra Place Master?

There are tons of value bets every single day so using the Extra Place Master is perfect for placing bets any time around your schedule.

You’ll typically find more opportunities in the morning until the first races begin in the afternoon, this is simply because there’ll be more horses yet to run so the software will have a wider range to identify value from.

You’ll find certain periods where you can take serious amounts of EV, for example, betting on busy Saturdays or festivals such as Cheltenham where lots of different races are taking place and bookmakers offering high prices and more extra places to compete with each other.

If you’re using healthy accounts - to help avoid being gubbed - you may want to consider not taking too much value from one specific bookmaker on quieter days and stick to popular televised races to help you blend in as a regular punter.


You’ll now understand how the super-powerful Extra Place Master can help you make significant profits. The exciting news is that you can unlock even more value using another tool available with Outplayed Pro known as the Lucky Finder which allows you to compound value using horse racing bets.

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