Mindset for Casino Offers


19 May 2021

Updated: 1 Apr 2023

As an Outplayed Diamond member, there is the potential to make a return from casino offers.

But, casino offers are a bit different to sports offers, and we should adjust our mindset to achieve the best results.

In this post, I cover the following ways to ensure you’ve got the perfect mindset for casino offers:

  • Expect To Lose On Some Offers
  • Focus On EV
  • Set Long Term Goals
  • Maximise Your EV/RTP
  • Trust The System

Expect To Lose On Some Offers

This is where we wager a small amount of our own money (usually £5-£20) to unlock a reward, like free spins or a casino bonus.

On Outplayed, we only post casino offers which are +EV (positive Expected Value), meaning that we have the mathematical advantage. On average we will make a return by completing a +EV offer.

But, this won’t happen every time. There will be offers where we lose money and we can sometimes have a few offers in a row where we make a loss.

Whilst this can be frustrating, it's a completely normal part of casino offers.

Making a loss on some offers is not something to worry about. Which brings me onto my next point, which is to ‘focus on EV’.

Focus On EV

The temptation is to focus on the profit or loss that we make from an offer, and let that impact our mindset.

Imagine you made £50 profit one day, but then lost £10 the next. You’d probably be happy with how the first day went, but disappointed or frustrated about the second day.

But, that’s the wrong way to look at it.

Making a loss on some casino offers is completely normal. So focusing on the profit or loss that we make from a single offer, or in a single day, is only going to make us frustrated.

We should instead focus on how much EV we make from the offers. EV tells us how much profit we would make on average from an offer. So an offer with £5 EV will make us £5 profit on average.

Over the long term, our EV and profit should be quite closely related. So if we make £1000 EV, we would typically make about £1000 profit.

So, if you made £20 EV and £50 profit on day 1, and £20 EV but a £10 loss on day 2, that isn’t one good day and one bad day.

On both days you made the same £20 EV. So it doesn’t matter that one day was a profit and the other a loss. On average the offers you completed would make you a £20 daily profit. And it’s this average result that matters to our long term profits.

Example: One member, "Zozobets", had a difficult month in December, which included a £100 dip, and their profit struggled to climb above £200 for the month.



If we were to focus on that, we could get disheartened.

But, if we zoom out and look at their graph since they started casino offers (June 2019), we see they have made £6000 profit, and the dips are hardly even noticeable!

So, don't be disheartened when you have losing offers and stay focused on the EV. To help with this, I'd recommend setting long term goals.

(Platinum and Diamond Members can view Zozobets original post in the Forum here alongside "RoseandMil's" story here and many other long-term members casino stories as well).

Useful Resource for Platinum & Diamond Members: Simon's Casino Profit and +EV Tracking Spreadsheet

Set Long Term Goals

A great way to focus less on your daily results is to set long term goals.

Maybe you'd like to make £20 profit per day from casino.

On average, that's achievable. But, given our results will vary in the short term, it won’t happen every day.

To avoid getting frustrated, we should turn our daily or weekly targets into longer term goals.

Instead of setting yourself the goal of making £20 profit per day, why not aim to make £1500 +EV over the next 10 weeks? That works out to about £21 +EV per day.

You'll have winning and losing days. But, that won't matter. You'll be working towards a long term goal, and your profit graph should show rising profits over time. In the long term, your average daily profit will equal close to your daily EV.

Maximise Your EV/RTP

As an Outplayed Diamond Member, we’ll show you exactly which casino games to use for each offer. These have the highest RTP (Return to Player), so using them will allow you to maximise your profits.

It’s important to understand that RTP is the average return of a casino game and that our results will vary.

Blackjack is the highest RTP casino game, so where possible we should use it to complete offers. But, we will still have times where we lose money using blackjack.

If you’re new to casino, and lose a few hands of blackjack, the temptation might be to think something like:

“Blackjack doesn’t work for me, I’ll stick to slots”

You might form similar opinions about different slots.

Let’s say you wager £10 on Slot A, with 90% RTP, and Slot B, with 97% RTP. on Slot A you make a £5 profit, and on Slot B, you make a £5 loss.

Slot A becomes a slot you like, and choose to use for offers, and Slot B becomes a slot you don’t like and avoid.

These decisions would be based upon a tiny sample of spins, which are subject to a lot of variance.

By doing this, you could drastically reduce the EV you make from casino offers. So, in the long run you would make less profit.

It’s important to avoid forming opinions about which games do and don’t work for you. Instead make decisions based upon RTP.

By using the highest RTP games, you’ll maximise your EV and long-term profits.

Follow the +EV strategy at all times.

Trust The System

We won’t win on every casino offer that we do. Sometimes we see new members, who try a small number of offers, decide things like:

“I’m not lucky enough for casino”

“Casino doesn’t work for me”

"Casino is all about luck”

But, we should never think this way.

Casino offers aren't about being lucky or unlucky. They are about gaining a mathematical advantage by consistently doing +EV offers.

In the short term, we’ll lose on some offers.

But in the long term, everyone should make a profit.

So, if you get off to a slow start, or go through a downswing, don’t write off casino offers. Don’t decide casino offers don’t work for you.

Remember that casino is all about the long term. By consistently completing the offers, we can all achieve amazing results.

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