How Much Do You Need To Start Matched Betting?

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8 Apr 2024


We recommend starting Matched Betting with at least £50.

Starting with our recommended minimum of £50 is enough to comfortably complete your first signup offer to lock in your first Matched Betting profits today.

In this article, you’ll find out the optimal amount of money to get started, how to grow your bankroll quickly and which offers are the best to get you off to a flying start.

What Is The Smallest Amount You Need To Start Matched Betting?

You can start Matched Betting with as little as £20. However, it’s a challenging amount to start with as you’ll need a lot of patience as you wait for bets to settle and bookmaker withdrawals to process.

You’ll also have to constantly use low odds when doing free bets which will mean that you’ll miss out on making as much profit as you could have if you started with a larger bankroll.

If you don’t have around our recommended minimum of £50 spare cash to begin Matched Betting, it’s worth saving up at least that amount before you get started.

While you’re saving up, you can get well prepared by reading our top Matched Betting tips so you’re ready to maximise your profits from the start.

After that, you’ll need a bit of patience to complete your first 10 or so offers from our 40+ sports signup offers available on our free trial. This is mainly because you’ll need to move money between each bookmaker, betting exchange and bank account between completing each offer.

It can be done though so remain patient like many of our members who started just like this and have slowly built their profits and are now making hundreds, and even thousands a month.

What Is The Best Amount To Start Matched Betting?

A healthy amount to start Matched Betting with would be anything from £500 to £750.

However, it’s fine to start with less and build your profits up over time. When starting with around £500+ you’ll have plenty of money to take on multiple offers at once to build your profits faster.

If you’re brand new to Matched Betting and still learning the process, you can start with a smaller amount and always add in extra as and when you’re more confident with the process. This will ensure you’re being cautious and avoid running before you can walk when first starting out.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a larger bankroll at your disposal, how much you start with will depend on how much time you’ve got spare to do Matched Betting every week. You can have a starting bankroll of £2000+ for example but if you only have 2-3 hours spare a week you might be hard pushed, at least until you are very experienced and doing more advanced offers, to place enough bets that would require your full bankroll.

How Can You Make More Money Faster?

Regardless of how much money you start with, you can build up your bankroll quickly and easily by working through our full list of bookmaker signup offers.

In the members area of Outplayed, there are more than 40 bookmaker signup offers to complete, and if you do them all, you should expect to make more than £850 in pure profit. You can access all of these using our free trial.

Beyond the signup offers you can continue to grow your profits using reload offers which are available every day to existing bookmaker customers.

There are many reload offers available each day so you can use our “Top Sports Reloads” and “Top Casino Reloads” pages to find a compilation of some of the best reload offers available on any given day.

These are offers with a balance of simplicity and value and are the perfect place to start to make more money in the fastest way possible.

Whilst you should generally be able to make £300 - £1000 from reload offers using a healthy set of accounts, the amount of profit you can make from these offers will vary enormously from month to month, or even from person to person.

As the age-old adage goes, “The more you put in, the more you get out” and as you progress you'll get a good idea of how much you can make from Matched Betting.


The key takeaway is that you can get started with Matched Betting with a very small amount of money but patience is key at the beginning.

If you have more money to get started - great! - but do take your time to learn the basics and then you can always add more money in to complete more offers when you are comfortable and confident.

Still not sure how much you should start with? - Remember you have access to experienced Matched Betting experts who are ready to support you.

Our support team is open and ready to help you 7 days a week. You can use email or live chat and we’re also proud to be the only Matched Betting service to offer phone support, so give us a call whenever you need any extra guidance.

Updated: 4 Jul 2024

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