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2 Dec 2022

Updated: 9 May 2023

At Outplayed, we're lucky to have some of very best matched betting gurus in our team. They find all the latest bookmaker offers, make new Matched Betting calculators, explain how to maximise your profits from each and every offer, and provide outstanding, 5-star support, advice and Matched Betting tips in both the forum and Facebook Group communities.

Here, some of our leading experts offer advice on how to keep profiting when Matched Bets with restricted accounts or gubbed accounts.

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Can I Still Make Money Matched Betting With Restricted Accounts?

If you have been using Matched Betting as a side hustle to make some extra cash for more than a few months then you might have been "gubbed" by at least one bookie.

Gubbing is Matched Betting terminology for what we call it when a bookmaker contacts you, usually via email, to say that you can no longer have any free bets or promotional offers from them. Now, while this is definitely not a good thing, it doesn't have to be the end of making profit from that particular bookie.

All it means is that you have to shake your strategy up a bit.

There are still a variety of ways in which you can make money from a gubbed account.

Here are our experts three top tips:

1. Start Casino Offers

Most of the time when you get gubbed or restricted by a bookie it will just be on their sportsbook side, which means you will still be able to take part in their casino and slots promotions. The same usually applies for bingo offers, poker offers, etc.

The Outplayed Diamond Membership gives you access to a ton of guides and casino offers worth hundreds in potential profit each month. There are more casinos to signup to than there are bookmakers as well and many have what can be potentially very lucrative signup offers.

If you're unsure about how exactly casino offers work - I'd recommend joining our free Facebook Group and watching to this live-stream Q&A event our team did on casino: Busting Casino Myths in Matched Betting.

2. Start Horse Racing Extra Place Offers

For over 90% of the bookmakers, you can still take advantage of Horse Racing Extra Place offers despite being gubbed.

Extra Place Offers are often described by our community as one of the most lucrative Matched Betting offers you can learn to do.

They do take a little bit of time to learn and everyone tends to develop and refine their own preferred strategy of profiting from them - but the consensus is once you master them they are well worth the effort.

Our experts have again done a live Q&A session on Horse Racing Extra Place Offers in our Facebook Group that is a must watch.

You can also start learning about them in a 4-part series available on our Matched Betting blog.

We recommend starting with: Horse Racing Extra Places - The Basics

This outlines what each-way bets in horse racing and how to place them at the bookmaker and lay them off at the betting exchanges. Each way bets are absolutely necessary for doing Extra Place Offers.

3. Learn Dutching And Arbitrage Betting (Arbing)

Arbing is something you should absolutely avoid doing on a healthy bookmaker account. But, it is definitely a choice for gubbed ones.

Arbitrage betting kind of works in a similar way to Matched Betting Price Boosts, or Enhanced Odds Offers - in that you can lock-in an instant profit due to being able to back at the bookmaker at higher odds than what you lay at the exchange. The only difference is that an Arb is not associate to any promotional offer from the bookies. It is purely taking advantage of the times when a bookmaker's odds happen to be higher than the lay odds at Smarkets or another exchange.

Like with Arbing, Dutching for a profit is not something you should ever do on a healthy account, but it is a way to make profit on gubbed ones.

Many experience members and ourselves tend to do Dutching during very high profile events - such as The Cheltenham Festival. Some members prefer to dutch horses, while others prefer to master football dutching.

4. Each-way, no lay

This is a very advanced method of Matched Betting and requires a large bankroll and mindset that are able to deal with the huge potential variances in profit that are likely to come with doing it. You should have mastered Extra Places and Casino Offers before even considering this strategy and be extremely comfortable with the concepts of Expected Value and Variance.

Even our experts would recommend what we refer to as 'paper-trading' this strategy for sometime - which is basically pretending to place the necessary bets but not actually placing them - before taking up this strategy.

Platinum and Diamond Members can see discussion in our Matched Betting Forum about the Each Way No Lay strategy by some of our most experienced members here. Similar to Extra Places and Dutching we'd recommend taking the time to learn about as much as you can about the strategy before starting it.

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