Matched Betting Spreadsheet


18 Mar 2024

Updated: 20 Mar 2024

When you start Matched Betting, it’s important to keep organised so you know how much money you’ve made and where your money is.

This isn't the most fun part of Matched Betting so the quicker and easier you make it - the better.

You’ll then have more time to focus on offers which will lead to more profits!

In this article, we’ll show you how to make your Matched Betting admin super simple so you can see your progress clearly and manage your bankroll like a pro.

Outplayed Profit Tracker

As an Outplayed member, you can use our awesome Profit Tracker to record your Matched Betting earnings quickly and easily.

Our advanced tracking software is designed to replace the need for a traditional Matched Betting spreadsheet and will give you more time to focus on smashing the offers and building up more profit.

The Profit Tracker is customisable, with filters and sort options, as well as the capacity to visualise profit over time in the form of a graph which is great to keep you motivated.

How The Profit Tracker Works

We’ve kept the Profit Tracker as simple as possible so that it’s easy to use and navigate. However, at the same time, it’s packed with useful features.

You can access your own Profit Tracker from your "My Account" area when logged in.

You can save your profits from each matched bet on your tracker directly from the Oddsmatching calculator by clicking the “Store in Profit Tracker” button.

Your progress will then be accurately tracked in seconds without the need to go to a separate spreadsheet and type in the offer details manually.

Your profit will automatically be recorded and saved on your Profit Tracker ready for you to view.

Balance Sheet

As well as tracking your profit, a key aspect of Matched Betting is keeping track of your bankroll as it's likely to be spread across multiple betting accounts.

You can use the Balance Sheet tool to help you know where your bankroll is at any point.

You can access your own Balance Sheet from your "My Account" area when logged in.

You can set your starting amount in the Bank Balance box, and you can add or remove bookmakers as you need to.

You can withdraw and deposit to different bookmakers allowing you to transfer money between your bank balance and the bookmaker to help you know where your money is at any time.

This is a cosmetic feature to help you keep track of your money and doesn’t move any money between your actual bank account and your bookmaker accounts.

Free Matched Betting Spreadsheet

We’re aware you may still prefer a good old-fashioned spreadsheet approach for keeping track of your progress.

If you are pretty handy in the spreadsheet department you can of course make your own from scratch or use our simple free Matched Betting Spreadsheet.

This includes the basic information you’ll need to record to help you track your progress and manage your bankroll effectively.

To use this yourself you'll need to have a Google account.

When logged into Google, open the Spreadsheet, click "File" and "Make a Copy" to create your own version that you can edit.

Support With Your Record Keeping

You should choose a method of keeping track of your progress that works best for you.

If you need any extra help when it comes to being organised when Matched Betting - remember you have access to experienced Matched Betting experts who are ready to support you.

Our support team is open and ready to help you 7 days a week. You can use email or live chat and we’re also proud to be the only Matched Betting service to offer phone support, so give us a call whenever you need any extra guidance.

Now you’re set up and organised you’ll be ready to learn how to maximise your profits this year by following our top Matched Betting tips.

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