Paid Online Surveys: Make Money From Home With Toluna

James McMath

4 Sep 2017

Updated: 9 Feb 2023

There's a wide range of paid survey sites available in the UK. Here's our Toluna review.

There are a couple of key strengths about Toluna. One of them is that users can get paid into PayPal, so they earn money rather than shopping vouchers which a lot of paid online surveys offer.

The other is that Toluna offers rewards for more than just taking surveys. Members can get free products and services to test in exchange for writing a review.

Getting Started With Paid Online Surveys

Signing up for Toluna is pretty straightforward. You can register using your Facebook profile or fill in the registration form.

You'll need to verify your email address and the whole process takes about three minutes.

Tip: You don't need to add your mobile number if you don't want to but doing so will let Toluna notify you by SMS when new surveys become available.

How Much Can Be Earned With Online Surveys?

Members are rewarded with points for completing surveys. Surveys have different levels of rewards based largely on how long they take to complete.

Points can then be redeemed for cash or other rewards. One difference between Toluna and other paid online survey sites such as Valued Opinions is that points can be rewarded for cash via PayPal - and not just online shopping vouchers.

Members can also claim 'Gifties', which is a virtual gift that can become a real prize, which will be delivered to your door. You can claim for yourself or send a Giftie to a friend who is registered with Toluna.

Points can also be exchanged for the quarterly sweepstake, which has prizes up to £5,000.

Testing Products

Users at Toluna can register an interest in testing a product or service offered by brands and companies. Users are drawn at random and then given the product to test in exchange for providing feedback on the product.

Taking Part In Surveys

Users are notified when new surveys are available and the points value and estimated time for each survey are shown in advance.

Surveys are easy to use and the interfaces are slick. Some surveys are just two or three questions and can be done quickly while others are more in-depth.

You can also collect points by adding more detail to your profile. Again, these questions are in survey form.

Surveys can be carried out on desktop or on mobile and tablet with iOS and Android apps.

Claiming Rewards 

Points are earned for each survey taken, depending on how much time the survey takes.

A survey that can be done in less than a minute earns 60 points, for example.

Users can then go to the rewards centre to cash in their points.

Rewards vary but you will need at least 1000 to claim the lowest reward, while £35 credit paid via PayPal will cost 185000 points.

Entry to the sweepstakes cost from 500 to 1000 points, while Gifties range from 50 to 800 points.

Gifties are virtual items that can become real. If you are lucky, the real item will be delivered to you or your friend, if you have sent them a Giftie.

The great thing about these lower-value items is that it doesn't take long for users to feel like they are being rewarded for their time. Even just a few minutes spent on a survey is enough to earn enough to enter a prize draw or buy a Giftie.

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