Partner Friendly Bookies for Matched Betting


2 Jul 2020

Updated: 7 Mar 2023

So, you’ve started matched betting and are now wondering if your partner can start do it too? Yes they certainly can, thanks to there being partner-friendly bookmakers!

What does the term “Partner Friendly Bookmakers” mean?

The best way to understand what a partner-friendly bookie is, is to first understand what a partner-friendly bookie is not!

Several of the bookmakers that we use for Matched Betting, in their promotional offer and free bet terms and conditions, include the following term (or similar):

This offer is only permitted once per person, household, family, household address, email address, credit card number or shared computer environment (example: a library, workplace, fraternity, university or school)”

The presence of this kind of condition means that if you already have access to promotional offers and free bets with such a bookmaker, then no one else that lives with you at your address, or who shares your internet (or wi-fi), can access those same promotional offers and free bets from that bookmaker.

Bookies who include such terms with their promotional offers are said to NOT be partner friendly for Matched Betting.

Examples of such “seemingly” partner unfriendly bookmakers include Betway, MansionBet, 888Sport and BoyleSports.

A partner friendly bookie is therefore a bookmaker who does not tend to include such terms with their promotional offers and who is happy to give their promotional offers and free bets out to anyone living at the same residential address or who are sharing internet (or wi-fi).

Although these bookmakers allow people living at the same address to register with them in most cases each customer must have a different payment method under their own name.

We’d also suggest that each person use their own personal device (computer, mobile or tablet) both when signing up and doing reload offers too. Basically, don’t go using your spouse’s phone to login into your accounts. Keep as much separate as possible.

How to identify partner friendly bookmakers for Matched Betting

We strongly advise not to just use the terms and conditions to solely determine whether a bookmaker is partner friendly or not. Bookies t&c’s can be extensive and you can easily miss the section where the relevant information is stated (or not). Plus they regularly change their t&c’s too.

To be absolutely certain whether or not a bookie is partner friendly or not you are best to contact them directly and ask.

When you contact each bookmaker don’t forget to check if your partner, or person living with you, will be eligible to receive promotional offers or not. Some bookmakers may allow them to have an account but then not provide them with any promotional offers or free bets – which will be a bit pointless for Matched Betting!

Unfriendly on the outside but friendly on the inside?

In our Matched Betting Forum, there is a special thread dedicated to the discussion of partner friendly bookies.

Platinum and Diamond Members can access the thread here.

In this forum thread some members have reported that after contacting certain bookmakers who have initially appeared to be against having multiple customers signing up from the same address, that the bookmakers have actually then gone on to give their partners full permission to sign up with full access to promotional offers and free bets.

This means when it comes to partner UN-friendly bookies, appearances may be deceiving!

It could be very worth your while contacting seemingly unfriendly bookies to see if they might agree to let your partner sign up.

Which bookmakers are partner friendly for Matched Betting

There are several bookmakers who, based on their terms and conditions at the time of writing, appear to be partner friendly for Matched Betting.

Although we’re going to provide a list of these bookmakers below there are several important things you need to know about the list...

The list is subject to change at any time!

Bookmakers regularly update and change their terms and conditions, especially on their promotional offers. The partner friendly forum thread is worth checking for recent updates and changes.

You (or your partner/person living with you) should contact the bookmaker first to confirm that your partner signing up is OK and that they will receive all the promotional offers and free bets. Until you (or they) have done this we would not recommend registering, depositing or placing any bets with the bookmaker.

It would be silly for your partner/friend to waste time registering and doing their Qualifying Bet only to find out that they aren’t eligible to get free bets or other offers.

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List of partner friendly bookmakers

The following bookmakers do not currently appear to have terms and conditions that are related to preventing partners or multiple people living at the same address from signing up with them:

  • Sky Bet (few or any restrictions stated)
  • Betfair (up to two customers at the same address will be treated independently)
  • Ladbrokes (up to two customers at the same address)
  • BetVictor (up to two customers at the same address)
  • William Hill (up to two customers at the same address. Sometimes they may not give the welcome offer to the 2nd person but they will provide them with reload offers).

Remember this list is not exhaustive though and is subject to change. You (or your partner) are still best to check with each bookmaker or casino directly before registering.

List of potentially partner friendly bookmakers

The following bookmakers have been reported (at one time or another) to have allowed partners or those living at the same address to register accounts with them with access to all promotional offers and free bets:

  • Bet365
  • Betfred
  • Coral
  • Unibet
  • Virgin Bet
  • Bwin
  • Paddy Power
  • 888Sport
  • Gamesys Group (Heart Bingo, Jackpotjoy etc.)
  • LC International Group (Gala Casino, Foxy Games etc.)
  • BoyleSports
  • Rank Digital Group (Rialto, Magical Vegas etc.)

Remember this list is not exhaustive though and is subject to change. You (or your partner) are still best to check with each bookmaker or casino directly before registering.

Partner friendly bookmakers and getting gubbed

The impact on the likelihood of gubbing

There is some debate among our members as to whether allowing your partner (or other person at your same address) to start Matched Betting can cause your (and their) accounts to get gubbed faster.

(Not sure what we mean by being gubbed? Read ‘Top tips to avoid being gubbed’).

We’d advise that it’s down to your personal assessment. If you believe you’ve done everything possible on all your accounts to avoid being gubbed and have had your accounts for some length of time, then your partner (or other person living at your address) signing up and Matched Betting too most likely won’t have an impact. (Of course we can’t guarantee it as we can never be certain what causes a particular bookie to gub someone).

We’d certainly advise that you make sure your partner (or other person) is clued up on how to avoid being gubbed as well though – for obvious reasons!

If you’ve just started Matched Betting it’s probably not a good idea for your partner (or other person) to start the week after you have! This might set off some alarm bells on the bookmaker’s side. Give it a few months then let them start.

What if you’ve been gubbed already from a bookmaker – can your partner still sign up?

Again we’ve had differing reports from our members on this. For the same bookmakers some member’s partners have immediately been gubbed too; others have had no problems at all.

We’d probably suggest that your partner be prepared for the worse, and then if they don’t get gubbed right away it will be a nice surprise! There’s certainly no harm in them trying as you’re gubbed already as it is anyway.

Why does your partner need their own Outplayed Membership?

Well first things first, how can you easily see who's best if you don't each have your own account?! 😉

Only joking!

If you're really making the most of your Platinum Membership with us your partner having their own separate membership should be an absolute no-brainer!

For one it is really useful for them to have a completely separate Profit Tracker, especially when it comes to tracking their deposits and withdrawals from the bookmakers. It will be so easy for them to lose track of where their money is if they're not using their own profit tracker.

With a separate account, on their dashboard your partner can also easily mark any partner unfriendly bookies as 'gubbed bookies' so that they don't have to constantly see sign up or reload offers from those bookmakers (which can be really annoying when you don't have access to them).

They will also be able to clearly see which offers they've completed, which offers they're half-way through completing and which offer they're yet to do. If you're trying to share an account trying to keep tabs on which offers each of you have done or not done is going to get very confusing very quickly!

It's unlikely you and your partner will be together all day every day and you will therefore very likely want notifications from the forum and alerts from the Match Catcher to come to each of your mobiles separately. Why should you or your partner miss out an opportunity to profit just because the other persons getting the notifications?

On top of all these reasons there are plenty of others too, from personalised filters in the Oddsmatcher to saved events and bets in the Match Catcher and Extra Place Catcher.

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