What Is A Betting Broker?

Jack Taylor

4 Feb 2020

Updated: 24 Apr 2023

We all know what services bookmakers offer, but very few of us are aware of what a betting broker is. So let's go into some more detail and discuss the benefits and disadvantages of betting brokers.

Basic principles of a betting broker

Sports betting brokers act as a middle man between the players and the bookmakers. Bookmakers will provide betting brokers with their betting lines and this data is collected, compiled and displayed by brokers on their website.

This allows players to bet using multiple different bookmakers at once, using just one broker account. Typically, betting brokers are paid by the bookmakers from a % of their clients turnover.

Benefits of using a betting broker

We have already mentioned the super convenient feature of being able to place bets with multiple bookmakers at once, using one account. We have listed some other great features below.

Getting the best odds

Another great benefit is, because they have several bookmakers competing for business and connected to the betting broker, the player can always compare the odds offered and make sure they are getting the most value.

Reduction in account limitation

One of the biggest challenges that professional bettors, and even just winning weekend punters face, is being ‘stake restricted’. This means the bookmaker has put a limit on the account to reduce the ‘max bet’ amount.

Due to the fact betting brokers income comes from a % of the players total turnover, it wouldn’t be a wise business decent to limit the players stakes.

In case by case situations, betting brokers can also request for higher betting limits for their clients.

Access to Asian bookmakers

Lots of betting brokers also give access to a variety of Asian bookmakers they otherwise wouldn’t, this is beneficial because they often offer the best odds and highest paybacks.

Downside to using a betting broker

There are some downsides to using a betting broker of course, the main ones we have also listed below.

Fewer sports to choose from

Most betting brokers don’t have the large variety of sports the bookmakers offer, which as you can imagine is primarily football.

Choice of payment methods

Compared to the multiple payment methods we have grown used to having with bookmakers, betting brokers typically have a smaller selection of options to choose from.

To summarise

A betting brokerage service offers a service with many undeniable advantages. Are the minor drawbacks worth getting the best value out of your bets? That's up to you to decide.

It's important to note that betting brokers cannot be used in conjunction with matched betting.

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