Use our new Early Payout Calculator to win football bets

James McMath

10 Aug 2017

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Profit Accumulator members can now access an exclusive Early Payout Calculator to boost profits on "2up offers" football offers.

It can be used on Paddy Power 2up offers and Bet365 2up offers to win football bets and on other sports, including tennis and rugby.

The 2up offer is one of the most popular bookmaker offers among matched bettors - because it can trigger huge profits.

On selected football, tennis, and rugby union matches, Paddy Power and Bet365 will pay bets as winners if your team goes two goals ahead in football, your tennis player goes two sets up or your rugby team goes 10 points in front.

The Early Payout Calculator shows members how to make the offer risk-free and lock-in a profit.

It is just one of the industry-leading matched betting tools available to Profit Accumulator Platinum members.

When the circumstances are right, the calculator can help generate big profits.

An example from the 2016-17 system was Manchester City's 2-2 draw with Tottenham that helped some Profit Accumulator members earn more than £1,000.

Previously, members used a spreadsheet to work out how to maximise earnings from the 2up offer, but our new exclusive tool is designed to make the process even easier.

How the Early Payout Calculator works

PA members can access an in-depth guide to using the Early Payout Calculator is and a video tutorial but here's an overview of how it works:

If our selection goes two goals up, the bet is complete, as we have won with the bookie but the lay bet would still be live.

We can profit by either cashing out at the exchange or, using the Early Payout Calculator.

PA members can choose to use from two lock-in methods to guarantee a profit or let the bet ride and hope that the losing team comes back to draw or win - as Tottenham did against Man City last season.

The calculator features simple and advanced modes.

In simple mode

The pre-event calculator is completed in the same way as the normal matched betting calculator and the cash-out part comes into play when your team goes two goals up.

The new odds on your selection can be entered and the 'early pay-out triggered' button clicked to show how much to back the selection in the exchange for a guaranteed profit.

In advanced mode

It's recommended advance mode is used only by experienced matched bettors.

It features sliders to allow members to chose how much to overlay or underlay and the amount of profit you wish to lock in. This gives the user complete control over how much guaranteed profit they wish to make or how much potential profit they want to aim for.