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The Each Way Bet Calculator is an amazing tool which allows you to quickly and easily calculate your lay stakes for horse racing each way bets.

What Is An Each Way Bet?

An each way bet is like two bets rolled into one. The first bet is on the horse to win and the second bet is on the horse to place.

If the horse wins then you win both bets. If the horse finishes in the place positions, then your place bet wins and your win bet loses. If it fails to finish in the place positions then both of your bets lose.

Why Is This Relevant To Matched Betting?

Sometimes we might place each way bets as part of our Matched Betting routine.

A great example of this is when completing horse racing extra place offers.

Horse Racing Extra Place offers can be an extremely lucrative source of income in Matched Betting and knowing how to place each way bets and use the each way bet calculator is absolutely essential.

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Using the Each Way Calculator, we can place lay bets on our chosen horse to win and the horse to place. The calculator will tell you exactly how to place on each market.

In doing so, we have created our ‘matched bet’, where we have covered all possible outcomes. This leaves us with a small qualifying loss, but with the potential to profit if we trigger the extra place.

How Does The Each Way Calculator Work?

The EW bet calculator, as with any Matched Betting Calculator, is really easy to use. You just fill out the required details about your planned bet.

The calculator will then tell you what lay bets to place at the betting exchange, your liability needed, and your qualifying profit or loss.

Our EW bet calculator has a number of fantastic features. For instance, it is adjustable depending on the price that the bookmakers are paying out at, and there is a Rule 4 deduction option.

Plus, the EW Bet Calculator is integrated into our special each way bet finding tool, the Each Way Catcher!

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