Will You See Good Returns For Your Money?

Is this good value for money? 

What sort of returns on your subscription investment (ROI) can you expect?

Here are some of the data for you.

58 days = average time to make the FIRST £1000 in profit

From a survey of 175 of member posts in the £1K Profit Club (2021), the average time taken to make the first £1000 in profit from Matched Betting was only 58 days. (A second survey in 2022 dropped this average to 55 days).

£1000 in 2 months is impressive.

If you were on a Platinum Monthly at £29.99/month and also took just 58 days to make your first £1000, that would be an ROI for you of 1567%.

That's not just good value for money - it's extremely good value for money.

Imagine having an extra grand in the bank for spending a bit of spare time Matched Betting over the next 2 months or so. It's certainly not something many people would turn their nose up at getting hold of.

The fastest reported time to hit the first £1000 in profit was just 11 days!

Most of the longer times reported by the members to hit their first £1000 in profit were between 2 and a half months to 5 months.

5 of the 175 members (or just 2.85%) took between 6-7 months.

Although this may sound like quite a long-time - all the members who took this long were still really chuffed to bits at hitting their first grand - usually because they'd been Matched Betting very VERY ad-hoc in their spare time, or on and off throughout those months whenever they had a chance to.

Having an extra £1K in the back pocket for very little effort is arguably always worth it!

Even if you took this long, your ROI based on a Platinum subscription at £29.99/month would STILL be 376%. 

To put that another way - for every £1 you spent on a subscription over those 7 months, you would be looking to get £3.76 back in profit. 

Make Your First £1000 Free?!

At Outplayed we are so confident in our services and how much money we can help you make with Matched Betting - even if you have very little time - that we actually offer all new customers a 30-day money-back guarantee on our services from the date of your first ever payment. (Full Refund Policy is available here).

20 of the 175 members surveyed made their first £1000 in profit within their first month with us. Technically, they could have ended their membership, requested a refund and walked away with £1000 extra in their back pocket then and there. They then would have made that £1000 for free.

None of them did this though.


As why on earth would they stop doing something that's making them such brilliant money online easily, completely in their spare time, and for such a good price?!

You'd be crazy to stop at your very first £1000 profit when there's so, so much more to be made...

How Much Can Be Made In A Year?

The simple answer is how long's a piece of string? You can get out of Matched Betting what you put into it. Here's what just a few of our members have achieved in a year (or thereabouts) Matched Betting with us:

These are just a small selection of the stories and profits our members are sharing in our Facebook Group.


Again, all we can do is recommend you upgrade to our Platinum or Diamond membership plans and see what's possible in your first 30 days. If it's not for you, simply cancel and drop our customer services team a message to grab your refund. It's that easy. 

Make the informed decision.


Our refund policy is available here. No contracts, cancel anytime.