Top MMORPGs to Play in 2021


12 Jun 2021

Updated: 24 Apr 2023

MMORPG culture has been the heart of gaming for decades. Players spend countless hours exploring the vast worlds created by developers whilst also learning about the rich lore that they have used to create a universe that immerses you completely.

Different MMORPGs have different things to offer. While some may be more captivating due to the decades-old lore that is being continued through the new update or version, others are revered for their dungeon design and style of play. Some seek the thrill of a full loot risk, and reward system is a good PvP MMORPG.

Here are some of the best MMORPGs to check out in 2021.

Elder Scrolls Online

Since the release of the first Elder Scrolls game in 1994, the franchise has upped its game with every new release. Bethesda makes sure that they retain everything good about their games and make them even more appealing for newer audiences by improving on graphics, gameplay style, and storyline.

Since the release of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, it has become one of the most revered RPGs to ever come out. Since Bethesda knew that this was one of their best works, they expanded into The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online not only gives you the chance to play with other players competitively or cooperatively but gives you all the pleasure of an Elder Scroll Game in an online universe. If you are an Elder Scrolls fan and, like us, are waiting for The Elder Scrolls 6 desperately, Elder Scrolls Online is the place for you.

Final Fantasy 14

Originally when Final Fantasy 14 was released, it was nothing short of a disaster. The interface was atrocious and difficult to navigate; the game had a fatigue system that, for some reason, punished the players for playing the game for more than an hour and had a multitude of glitches and bugs. The game was unplayable. Since the game was about to go down as the worst in gaming history, Square Enix refused to accept this title and got back to work immediately.

As a result, version 2.9, aka A Realm Reborn, was released, and it was amazing. All the problems that Final Fantasy 14 initially faced were gone, and the world, the quests, and everything that made Final Fantasy a great franchise were back and better. The game also offers one of the best class systems ever seen in an MMORPG. This is largely due to the ability to level every class and profession on a single character. The game redeemed itself and is one of the best MMORPGs to play in 2021.

World of Warcraft

So you’ve come to learn about MMORPGs, then let’s talk about their King. WoW is considered the undefeated champion of the MMORPG world because Blizzard is not some cash-hungry developer that is just happy with the number of subscribers it has and wants to milk them as much as possible.

Blizzard has made sure that every time they release a new WoW, it will be better than the predecessor and heavily add to the already rich lore of Warcraft. With insane funding from subscribers and a fan base that is devoted, Blizzard makes sure it’s difficult for the best competitors to keep pace.

With amazing features like farming, the term, by the way, is not only used for loot; you can do actual farming in the game as a profession, march three puzzle games, a Plants vs. Zombies mini-game, Pet Battles, and a lot of other content, World of Warcraft cannot be dethroned easily. Every time the subscription numbers start to drop, Blizzard drops a new expansion filled with quests, massive new areas, and dungeons that you are sure to enjoy in cooperative play.

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