Why You Should Track Your Football Bets


26 Dec 2022

Updated: 24 Feb 2023

The days when football betting was considered a game of chance are long gone. With the evolution of statistical data analysis tools and the passage of time, betting has become more of a science that demands proper data analysis tools such as the Outplayed profit tracker dashboard available with a premium membership.

Tracking your wagers is a crucial component of the statistical analysis of football data. This article will instruct you on the significance of tracking your football wagers, the elements you must track, and the considerations you must make when tracking your wagers.

Be Organised

In the modern era of football betting, staying organised in wagering is crucial. Clearly, a bettor will not only interact with a single bookmaker. As a bettor, you will interact with several bookies in order to increase your chances of winning. Now, it is only normal that you cannot recall all your wagers and which were placed with which bookmakers. Consequently, keeping track will allow you to maintain a valuable record of the bookies that are advantageous to you and those that are not.

Monitor Your Finances To Enhance Competitiveness

Keeping tabs on your finances provides you with a fair notion of how much you have already invested in a team, league, match, or bookmaker. In addition, keeping track of your finances will always provide you with an advantage over your rivals, since having your entire track record at your fingertips will be advantageous at vital moments of a football game.

Establishing a Betting Strategy

In addition, with accurate tracking of your wagers, you may design a crystal-clear betting plan that will maximise your profits. If you continue to gamble without a defined betting strategy, you will find yourself losing more money and making the same error repeatedly. In contrast, if you keep track of your wagers and design a plan based on your betting statistics, you will have an advantage and be able to maximise your returns.

How to monitor your wagers

Now comes the all-important question of which of the ways available on the market to track your wagers would best suit you.

If you are a traditionalist who prefers to work with pen and paper, this is fine, however, it is far easier to use a computerised method going forward. This is due to the fact that betting has become more competitive over time. And now, you cannot manually scroll down to find an entry you made on a given date. You can instead utilise basic tools such as a spreadsheet or, if you choose, professionally created software that can intelligently analyse your wagers.

What Data Should You Track?

You should preferably keep track of the following information:

  • Betting Date
  • The Event of Bet
  • Stakes
  • The Odds
  • Outcome
  • Bookmaker Name

Keeping note of all these elements will provide important data entry points while searching for a certain wager. In addition, these factors will assist you in identifying the trend of your betting strategy and the areas that require improvement.

For instance, if you observe that a football club you have bet on in the past performs poorly during a given period of the year, you will be able to recognise the trend that the team may not be playing well due to the weather conditions during that time of the year. Similarly, when reviewing the record utilising these data points, you will be able to identify various performance trends among the teams.

Another intriguing option in this area is to colour-code your results and stakes so that you can make a better analysis at a glance. Mark your positive outcomes with green and your bad results with red, for instance.

This will allow you to quickly assess your performance over the past few days. On both the Tipit platform and the alerts window, the same colour-coding method is utilised.

Keeping track of your wagers is crucial in the modern betting world. Check out our matched betting spread sheet developed by our sister company Team Profit.

A smart football bettor, however, understands that not only is it worthwhile to invest in a football statistics tool such as Bet Dynamo, but in order to maximise the likelihood of winning a pre-game or in-play wager, keeping track of your bets is a must.

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