Bet on Cheltenham and guarantee a profit

James McMath

1 Mar 2017

Updated: 10 Nov 2023

The 2017 Cheltenham Festival is approaching and matched betting members at Profit Accumulator are gearing up for what promises to be a week of guaranteed profits at "Cheltmas".

Matched betting allows members to bet on Cheltenham and guarantee a profit.

This year's Festival starts on Monday, March 14 and ends with Gold Cup day Friday, March 17.

"Someone cleared £10k over the four days"

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Bet on Cheltenham 2017: How much can you make from matched betting?

Earnings will depend on a number of factors, not least how many accounts a member has in use and which Cheltenham betting offers the bookies decide on this year.

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Here's some stats from the 185 responses posted:

  • The combined amount won from 185 people was £173,182.
  • The average amount made was £936.12 per person.
  • The approximate hourly wage (based on working six hours a day) is £39.00 an hour.
  • You would need to do 5.8 hours at minimum wage (or 11.8 hours if you're an apprentice!) to make the equivalent hourly amount.

Members at Profit Accumulator are already discussing Cheltmas on the forum. Here's what some are saying:

Fisherm3 said: "I remember two years ago a certain someone cleared £10k over the four days. It could be done then but even last year the offers were nowhere near as good as two years ago. Let's hope they start promoting some offers soon."

TrancedRadio said: "Last year was my first Cheltenham and I placed most of my bets the night before each day & eventually took a half day on the Friday, making it home before the racing begun.

"Walked away with over £1k profit.

"Think I'll take the Tuesday & Friday off (as has been suggested) - Tuesday last year was a great day.

"I hardly backed any horses before last year also, I just got wired in and had no gubbings, thankfully. Although I did use the Asian sites on Day 1 & 2, which were a complete nightmare.

"PA had indexes for the festival overall & then for each day, so any first-timers stick to them and you'll be fine. Made me my money just following those instructions and the forum tips.

"Looking forward to the offers being announced and planning the attack."

Froggy said: "Just booked the week off work ready for this, did the same last year and made 3k so I'd be more happy with the same again! £10,000 bank last year, £16,000 this year but I haven't done horse racing since last Cheltenham and will be pretty rusty."