Cheltenham Festival 2019 Matched Betting

Jack Taylor

19 Feb 2019

Updated: 15 Nov 2023

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Cheltenham Festival is the biggest date in the matched betting calendar. The amount of races over a short space of time (4 days) and the quantity and quality of offers, mean it's the most profitable time of the year.

It's a big event generally for horse racing betting, so the bookmakers all want a piece of the action and this means lots of free bets.

A lot of people take days off work (or even the full week), just so they can take advantage of all the offers available.

When is Cheltenham?

Cheltenham Festival will be held over from the 12th to the 15th March 2019. It runs over four days.

Day 1: Champion Day: Tuesday 12th March
Day 2: Ladies Day: Wednesday 13th March
Day 3: St Patrick’s Thursday: Thursday 14th March
Day 4: Gold Cup Day: Friday 15th March

The Cheltenham Gold Cup, which takes place on the 15th, is the most prestigious of all National Hunt events and it is sometimes referred to as the Blue Riband of jump-racing

Sounds Good. What Next?

Whether you’re brand new or an old hand - our main tip is to be prepared.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do some horse racing offers before the festival starts. Practice the process of placing bets on horse racing so you know what to do and what to expect.
  • Get your money into the right places. Make sure you have the maximum amount of bank available, so you can maximise your earnings.
  • Try to use shared liability. There can only be one winner of a horse race, and this can be used to your advantage. The amount of money you need to lay a bet is based on your maximum potential loss, therefore if you lay two different results on a market that can only have one outcome, only one of those bets can lose. What this means is that the most you can lose is whichever selection has the largest liability. The liability on the selection with lower liability is ignored for the purposes of calculating how much money you need to lay the bet. As mentioned, all three of the exchanges have got reduced commission offers on at the moment (hallelujah), so you wont really save any money on commission payments - but it does mean that you can improve your cash-flow and its especially relevant if you have a small bank.
  • Be organised. There are a lot of races and a lot offers over Cheltenham. Keep a note of everything and be aware of what bets you have on. The more organised you are, the less likely you are to make any silly mistakes (it happens to the best of us).
  • Get your bets on early. A lot of the time, the best matches/prices will occur early on in the day. Liquidity won’t be a problem either, there will be a lot of people betting over the four days.
  • Use the forum. A really good resource for information, or if you have any problems or questions.
  • We have dedicated close matches and price boost threads for the festival. Invaluable to get the best matches,

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We hope you have a very profitable festival!