Grand National 2017: How much profit members made matched betting

James McMath

9 Apr 2017

Updated: 15 Nov 2023

The Aintree Festival is a busy week for matched bettors. The Grand National in particular presents big profit-making opportunities.

There's always a lot of bookie offers on what is the most popular horse race in the world.

The 2017 event was no different, with lots of bonuses to take advantage of - not least Bet365's generous £125 each-way promotion in the National.

One For Arthur was a 16/1 winner in Saturday's showpiece but, for most matched bettors, the result was academic - it was a profitable few days no matter who won.

PA members' Aintree profits

We asked our members to let us know how they got on using the forum:

AccaBilko: £96 on the 365 offer, placed as per the instructions. My first foray into horse refunds so gave me a bit of insight. Out of my five selections only had Blaklion place, so if I'd have left them unlayed I would have been a big loser. Really chuffed that I managed to get my head round it, but I can't for the life of me explain it to anybody else, they look at me as if I've got two heads lol. I think some people in my local actually want to kill me. Hopefully ill die a rich man, that £96 has inched me to within a few quid of £4,000.

stuntgirl: First Grand National for me. About £100, which was mainly from doing the Bet365 offer and I punted an unexpected small free bets each-way on Blaklion. I covered about four others in the race but didn't hit the holy grail of the extra 5th and 6th places. Having only really started on horses for Cheltenham and finally wrapped my head around extra places as a result, I feel more confident to start tackling Saturday races a bit in the future, and also realised I could be a bit smarter selecting what races to use free bets on in future to try to hit extra place at same time. I think I'll set myself a goal to make four figures next year!

fenscape: About £82 for me, but happy. Still learning.

Froggy4812: £1,500 total. Didn't do much first two days as I was in work but still picked up £400, nice £1100 on the national today though with the 5th place. Lovely lovely.

Bavvy: I made £300 over the 3 days, considering I covered 18 horses for today's main race and hit places 1 to 9 except 5th place, I did pretty well!

JD avfc: £630 from the National and around £800 from the Festival, making it slightly better than Cheltenham for me.

twelve12: Only did the one race today and +£350. Bit gutted as I realised I had much more money left over in bank and Smarkets than I estimated so could have easily doubled every single stake at least! Lesson learnt for next time!

RSRichard: About £50 for me today from bits and bobs.
I had 17 horses covered for £14 QL and managed to get 5 out of the first 7, just not in the right order.

nellyfish: £150 today, just on the national, missed 5th, managed 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 11th DOH! oh well. Profit's profit, happy with that.

JaffaCakes: Can't be exact cos Smarkets isn't settled up yet but it was in the region of £800-900 for the festival. A very welcome few days.

Lozfitz: £407 profit (after ql), decided to punt the 5 each way bets, one was One For Arthur and the other was Blakion. My own bets I have Gas Line Boy (£10 ew) and Cause of Causes (£10 ew), so fantastic race for me. Thankyou PA.

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