Are Price Boosts worth it? August 2021 Matched Betting Price Boost Profits


1 Sep 2021

Updated: 11 Nov 2023

Available Profit Summary

Between 1st August and 31st August 2021 our members shared just over 350 pop-up price boosts in a dedicated chat thread of the Profit Accumulator Matched Betting forum.

Based on using either a £10 stake on each price boost, or the maximum stake amount that was quoted:

The total available profit in August from Matched Betting pop-up Price Boosts offers was £769.77

The total profit available from pop-up Price Boosts in the forum during the previous month (July 2021) was: £872.00

New to Matched Betting and not sure what type of offer this article is referring too? No problem! Please see our article 'What are Price Boosts Offers & Why you Need to do Them'.

Are Price Boosts Really Worth It?

Once you learn what Matched Betting is, master how to use the standard Matched Betting Calculator, read our introductory guide on how to do Price Boosts (Enhanced Odds) Offers and become familiar with the where to find price boosts on the bookmakers' websites quickly, you should become capable of placing the matched bets required for a simple boost within 2 minutes.

Using this as a guideline that would mean completing every one of the 350 boosts that were available this month would have taken up around 700 minutes (roughly 12 hours) of a members time. That sounds a lot of time until you consider the £769.77 profit that was available - as it then works out to a tax-free profit return on a members time of approximately £1.10 per minute or roughly £64-£65 per hour.

Is Getting on EVERY SINGLE Boost Realistic? Well, no...

Now, unless you're super-human, have a full haul of completely unrestricted bookmaker accounts, a massive Matched Betting bankroll and are glued to the Price Boosts thread in the forum literally 24/7 you are NOT going to get on every single price boost that comes up.

(i.e. it's basically impossible for any of our members to have done ALL 350 price boosts that came up through August).

What is Realistic Then? Would Doing Less Still Make Price Boosts Worth It?

During August, even if you only managed, on average, 2 boosts a day (or a total of 62 boosts over the entire month - which is less than 1/5 of the boosts that were available) - using the overall figures above you would have expected to make around £132 in profit.

Even if we say you were a little bit slow and took around 6 minutes to complete both the price boosts each day - that's around £132 for just over 3 hours of effort over a whole month.

Or approximately £42.58 (tax-free) per hour.

Let's say you had one of those months and miss all the really nice boosts...such as these ones

...and you only hit the price boosts that made you on average £1 in profit.

That is still £62 cash in your pocket at the end of the month for around 3 hours of your time.

Or approximately £20 (tax-free) per hour.

So, even if we are very conservative and you only manage to get on the smaller available boosts you're still looking at exceptionally good returns for your time.

Based on that we are quite happy to say:

Price Boosts - they are absolutely worth it!

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