Can Matched Betting Go Wrong?


7 Nov 2022

Updated: 24 Feb 2023

By now, you'll know enough to not only get started with Matched Betting, but also make extra money from it especially with Outplayed 😎. It takes very little time and is available to do all year round due to the range of sports available.

It's also frequently asserted that there is little to no danger in Matched Betting, but is this actually the case? Can matched betting go wrong?

Matched Betting can be used to take the element of luck out of gambling. You can cover all possible outcomes of an event to ensure that you win at least one of your bets rather than hoping that your single wager will succeed. Check out our complete guide - What is Matched Betting? for a full introduction.

As with most things though, there is room for error.

This post will show you that most common problems with Matched Betting are typically the result of human error. But do not fret. Even while matched betting mistakes are possible, there are techniques to lessen their impact or even undo them entirely.

Let's examine a few scenarios when matched betting can go wrong;

Rushing The Process

No matter where you are in your matched betting career—from beginner to expert—this is easily done by anyone. The most frequent cause of matched betting failure is generally being sloppy or not taking your time.

If you’re a beginner you can easily miss details or forget a step while matching a bet for example due to not knowing the process well enough. Conversely, an experienced matched bettor can make exactly the same mistake due to increased confidence and attempting to do things quicker than normal—this leads to a click not registering or typing in the wrong number/missing a decimal etc.

There are several instances where you might hurry, including:

  • Missing market data, odds, or stake levels before putting any money down.
  • Not paying attention to videos or misinterpreting the information in them.
  • Not reading the terms and conditions of offers before completing them.*
  • Not maintaining current records for your matched betting or being disorganised when it comes to offers and bets.

Each bookmaker promotion has its own terms and conditions. Be sure to properly read them before making any bets. If you deposit money into your bookmaker account using the "wrong" payment method, you will not be eligible for the promotion.

Certain clients can only participate in certain promos. These are referred to as "invite-only" deals. You'll probably be ineligible for the terms of the deal if you attempt to undertake one of these.

Free bet offers frequently have a condition that they must be placed at or over a certain level of odds. You won't qualify for the offer if you place your wager at odds that are lower than those that are specified.

Placing Bets in The Wrong Order

You would think this wouldn’t matter, but it is important to get right. You should always place your back bet first and wait for the confirmation message to make sure it was successful. After it has been verified, confirm that the lay odds have not altered before placing your wager.

Simply use the Outplayed oddsmatcher calculator to compute the stake amount you'll need to place at the current odds if the lay bets have changed. If the back odds rather than the lay odds have altered, errors may be more expensive. For this reason, it's crucial to place bets in the proper sequence.

Partially Matched Bets

Unmatched or incomplete matched bets sometimes occur when a market has little liquidity or when the odds are changing quickly. Always assess the degree of market liquidity before placing any lay bets to prevent having an unmatched or only partially matched bet. Make sure there is £10 available at the betting exchange before placing a lay bet of £10 at odds of 3.2, for instance.

Although it is a little more difficult to correct a partially-matched bet, it is still possible to minimise the harm. In this case, a portion of your wager will have been matched, but the balance will be queued. The wager might be matched if there is still time before the event starts. However, you might need to act swiftly if there isn't much time.

Account Limitations

Matched Betting depends entirely on active bookmaker accounts. Without them you can’t take advantage of the offers they provide. It’s possible that one day you might get an email from the bookmaker informing you that they’ve restricted your account. Unfortunately, if this happens it will likely stay that way—they frequently have the last word.

Sometimes referred to as ‘gubbed’, the limitations/closure of your betting account can occur for a couple of reasons, but the main two are;

  • Attempting to register several accounts with the same bookmaker.
  • Not conducting enough normal ‘mug bets’ to illustrate normal betting behaviour. Read more about this in the Team Profit guide to avoid gubbing.

Changeable Odds

Even though you have no real influence on it, this can affect how much money you make. Therefore, even if you have no control over the odds, you can take the time to make sure there hasn't been a significant change since you placed your back and lay bets.

As you can see, there are several situations where matched betting can go awry, which is a sad reality. However, hopefully this article has demonstrated that most of those occurrences are due to operator error. This is why it's crucial to take your time, double-check everything you do, and abide by the matched betting guides outlined by Outplayed.

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