Can You Lose Money Matched Betting?


1 Feb 2022

Updated: 15 Nov 2023

When Matched Betting is done correctly, you can’t lose money.

How is this possible?

By covering EVERY outcome of an event.

Let’s take a look at this in a bit more detail.

How You Can’t Lose Money When You Do Matched Betting Right

Take a football match, there are three outcomes that can happen:

If you were to place a normal bet at the bookmaker (i.e. gamble!) on Team A to win, you would be covering only ONE outcome.

The bookmaker would be covering the other outcomes (the draw and Team B to win).

We can merge the two outcomes the bookie is covering (the draw and Team B to win) into ONE outcome – Team A NOT to win.

You would win your bet if Team A won, the bookmaker would win their bet if Team A didn’t win.

You would make money if Team A won, and lose money if they didn't win.

All makes sense so far we hope! Great

At this precise moment in time you only have one outcome covered – Team A to win.

In Matched Betting though we need to cover ALL the outcomes. How do we do this?

We head over to a betting exchange, like Betfair Exchange or Smarkets.

A betting exchange is a special kind of betting website that allows us to bet on outcomes NOT to happen.

At the betting exchange, we place a ‘lay bet’ on Team A NOT to win.

You’d win your lay bet if Team A didn’t win, the exchange would win their bet if Team A did win.

You would make money if Team A didn’t win, and lose money if they did win.

Now you’ve covered all outcomes!

If you lose at the bookmaker, you’ll win at the exchange.

If you win at the bookmaker you’ll lose at the exchange.

You won’t win any money, nor will you lose any money.

What was the point in all this then?

This is where the fun (and profitable part!) now comes in.

The bookmaker – to thank us for placing a bet with them – gives us a lovely bonus (or free bet) to use.

Yep, that’s get some completely free money to bet at the bookie, without risking a penny of your own money!

You could at this point just gamble the freebie at the bookie and hope it will win and make you some money...

Or you could be smart, follow our guides and do some more Matched Betting and extract yourself a profit from the free bet - no matter what happens in the game you bet on!

For every free bet that we get we can use Matched Betting to extract ourselves a profit. This is usually anywhere between 75-80% of the total free bet amount.

For every £100 of free bets we can make about £75-£80 in cash profit.

There’s £50 of free bets available for you to take advantage of in our free trial - which means there is up to £40 in profit for you to extract.

Just sign up and follow the guides. You’ll be blown away by how simple it is to profit.

Can Anything Go Wrong When Matched Betting?

If you follow our guides and always cover both sides of your bet, you won’t lose money when Matched Betting .

The only ‘risks’ in Matched Betting come from human error.

An example would be forgetting to select your free bet at the bookmaker, using your own cash instead.

This is no big deal though as most mistakes in Matched Betting are very easy to fix.

In this instance you’d do what you did for your first bet that unlocked the bonus in the first place – cover both outcomes still using Matched Betting.

All you would have done is given yourself a bit of extra faff by having to do an extra set of Matched Bets.

We've fine tuned our written guides, video tutorials and tools over several years now. This all helps ensure you avoid making any silly mistakes – that’s why we can say if you follow our guides you can’t lose!

We've already helped more than 150,000 people (and counting!) to Matched Bet, so we know our stuff.

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