Don't Forget About Football Offers During Cheltenham


10 Mar 2022

Updated: 3 Feb 2023

The hype for the Cheltenham Festival is real!

Cheltenham Festival is the biggest week of the year for Matched Betting, and there will be so many opportunities to profit.

Whilst you're busy preparing for the horse racing, don't forget that there will still be some great opportunities to make money from football offers.

The world of football does not stop for Cheltenham. There is Premier League, Champions League and many other football leagues on this week AND next - meaning offers for us to take advantage of!

In this post we'll discuss what football offers to expect, where to find them, and how to maximise your profits.

Where To Find Football Offers

Time will be in short supply over Cheltenham! With so many offers to do and a limited number of hours in the day, make sure you are spending your time efficiently!

Don't waste your time crawling through bookies promotions pages trying to find offers.

We have a dedicated offers team who do ALL the hard work for you. They are constantly searching to find all the best offers. Every offer is carefully checked before being written up into a simple, step-by-step guide.

Each guide is neatly displayed in our Reload Offers Section, so you can find all of the best football offers in one place.

Easy peasy!

Where To Find Your Bets

Outplayed doesn't just save you time when searching for offers, we also help you find the best bets FAST.

Let's say you're doing a football offer with one of the bookies, such as Boylesports. You don't want to spend ages looking through pages of Boylesports Odds to find suitable bets.

Instead, we have the perfect tool to help you find the best bets.

Our goal when Matched Betting should be to minimise our qualifying bet losses, and maximise our free bet profits.

To do this, we have to compare the odds at the bookie, with the odds at the betting exchanges. Doing this manually would means tons of wasted time.

That's where our industry leading Oddsmatcher comes in.

The Oddsmatcher finds and compares the odds at 100+ bookies with the lay betting odds of the 4 betting exchanges. This allows you to instantly see the best qualifying bets and free bets to place.

This is a huge time saver when completing football offers, whilst maximising the profits you make.

The Most Popular/Profitable Football Offers

Bet + Get Offers

Bet + get offers are a Matched Bettors bread and butter!

We place a bet on an eligible match/market for a small qualifying loss and regardless of the outcome of the bet, we get a free bet. We can then turn that free bet into profit. Easy.

The bookies regularly dish out bet + get offers on the footie, particularly for big events like the Champions League.

Sometimes our bets must be placed on a particular match or market, such as the correct score market. So, be sure to check our offer guides for guidance on what to place your bets on.

Price Boosts

The bookies love dishing out price boosts when there are big football matches on!

Whenever the price boost odds exceed the lay odds at the betting exchange, we can place a matched bet to lock in a guaranteed profit.

Price boosts are a must do because we can regularly make a quick guaranteed profit with very little time or effort.

If you're new to Price Boosts, check out our guide: Price Boosts – What they are and why you should be doing them!


Perhaps the most popular single football offer is Bet365's 2UP (also offered by Paddy Power).

This is where Bet365 promise to pay out your bet as a winner if your team goes 2 goals up, regardless of the outcome of the match.

This offer is available on loads of football leagues and the unlimited payouts mean there is fantastic profit potential.

If you've yet to try 2ups, check out our guide: Want more profits? ‘2ups’ are key!

Bore Draw

Bore draw is another football popular offer from Bet365.

Bore draw is where Bet365 will pay us a full cash refund on any of our Correct Score or Half-time/Full-time bets, on any football game, if the game ends 0-0 and our bet loses.

This is considered to be a more advanced Matched Betting offer, that requires a good sized bankroll, but with the right approach it can be nicely profitable.

For more information, check out our guide: Easy Profits from the Bet365 Bore Draw Offer

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