Grand National 2018: Matched Betting

David Bagshaw

11 Apr 2018

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

The Grand National is the biggest horse race of the year. Millions of people across the world will watch the race, and many will also have a flutter.

Aintree festival (the Grand National is a race during Aintree) takes place over three days, starting on Thursday 12th and running until Saturday 14th April. The Grand National race itself starts at 5:15pm on Saturday 14th

Watching the Grand National is always exciting, even more so if you are matched betting. Rather than just taking a punt based on which horse name you like or what colour the jockey is wearing; matched betting gives you the ability to actually lock-in a profit regardless of the outcome of the race. The good thing about Aintree in terms of matched betting is that a lot of bookies will have special offers just for the festival. This means there is more money to be made than usual.

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What Is Matched Betting?

If you’re unfamiliar with matched betting, it’s the process of using the free bet offers that bookmakers give out to make a profit. You place a back bet for Horse A to win at the bookmaker and a lay bet for Horse A not to win at a betting exchange, so regardless of the result of the race one of those bets will win. When you repeat this process with a free bet amount that a bookmaker has given you, you unlock the value of that free bet.

The best of understanding matched betting is to do a few of the offers yourself and familiarise yourself with the process. We have easy to understand step-by-step video instructions on the first two offers, which will net you a profit of up to £45.

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Matched Betting at Aintree

It’s a great time to start learning about matched betting because as I said, there are more bookmaker offers than normal due to Aintree.

Here at Profit Accumulator we have video guides and instructions on every offer, giving you the best possible chance of making a healthy profit. We also have 7 day-a-week phone support, an active forum where you can ask direct questions to our admin and moderators (all matched betting experts...many of them do it full time) and various pieces of software which help make the process as easy as possible.

Here is what some of our other members have been doing with their profits:

Student Kai spent his profits on a trip to Vegas.

Claire put down deposits for two holidays.

Ian from Scotland bought a new Harley Davidson