Cash Strapped? How To Make Extra Cash In 2018

Jordan Atkinson

11 Jan 2018

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

January is a tough month for everyone. People are spending big on the run up to Christmas and once it hits the new year we're often left a bit cash strapped throughout January.

If you're looking to make some extra cash this month and continue on making yourself some extra money online in 2018 then you're in the right place.

Matched Betting: The easiest way to earn extra cash

Matched betting allows you to earn extra cash in your own time. There are a number of benefits to it:

  • It can be done when it suits you - you don't have to work around it
  • It allows you to earn extra cash when otherwise you would be doing nothing
  • It's guaranteed profit if you follow the instructions properly
  • It's easy to get involved - a laptop or PC is all you need (maybe even a tablet)
  • No time commitment - do as much or as little as you wish

You really get out what you put in. Our signup offers should see you profit in the region of £1000+. These are the easiest and quickest offers to complete and will get you off to a good start.

After that, we run two threads on our forum, the "how to make £1000 per month" thread and the "how to make £300 a month part-time" thread. We post enough offers daily in order to hit these targets respectively.

How It Works

Matched betting works by using incentives and offers given by bookmakers to new customers. You place a back bet on the bookmaker's website to qualify for their free bet, then cover that by placing a lay bet on a betting exchange. After both bets are finished you will neither be up or down money - but you will have been credited with their free bet. Simply repeat this process and then cash your earnings out.

It does sound daunting at first, and if you read our Meet The Members section a lot of them will tell you the same thing. But, once you've completed your first couple of bets and have your "eureka" moment, you will be wondering why you were worried at first (trust me on this - it happened to me!).

We Make It Easier

Here at Profit Accumulator our job is to make matched betting easier for you. We list all the signup offers available to you from bookmakers and give you countless calculators in order to make calculating your back and lay stakes and easy as possible.

As well as that we have hundreds of tutorial videos and walkthroughs to take you from beginner to expert - we literally walk you along every step of the way!

Our in-house offers team update the reload offers daily to ensure you continue making profit months and years down the line.

Get Stuck In

If this all sounds appealing to you, then why not give it a try for free? There's no catches here - we offer you the first two offers just to test the water, but they will also see you earn up to £45.