How To Make Money On Instagram

Justin Legg

30 Jul 2019

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

The Rise Of Instagram

Instagram has grown exponentially since its inception in 2010. Beginning life as a simple photo-sharing site, Instagram has developed into one of the most heavily used social platforms on the internet and, in doing so, has attracted the attention of advertisers and businesses. The growth of Instagram, acquired by Facebook in a $1 billion deal in 2012, is really quite astonishing. Member figures have gone through the roof for the photo and now video sharing site, with over 1 billion people using the app monthly and 500 million plus using it on a daily basis. To put those numbers into perspective, it means that roughly an eighth of all the people on the planet use Instagram. What that adds up to is an advertisers dream of a huge global audience which, in turn, leads onto money-making opportunities for all members.

Making Money On Instagram

It is certainly possible to make money, and lots of it, on Instagram but in order to do so you are going to need a large number of followers to convince the advertising companies that you are worth their time.

How many followers will you need? Well, obviously the more the merrier but a rough figure would be a loyal an engaged following of 1000 or more people to start potentially making money.

Building A Following

You may already have a strong following but if you don’t, and as mentioned earlier the majority of brands will look at this in the first instance to decide if they want to partner with you, you can follow these tips to help you along your way:

Have An Up To Date Bio

Make sure that your bio is up to date with all the relevant information, for example, what you mainly post about and also include a couple of hashtags to make you easy to find/tag.

Use Hashtags

Make your posts easy to find with hashtags. Not just any old hashtags either, but relevant ones. Do a bit of research into the best and most popular ones in your niche and use them.

Be Consistent With Your Posts & Post Regularly

It goes without saying that if you don’t post then people will not follow you so post regularly. Aim for a few images a day but don’t post them all at once, spread them out at time intervals. If you are gonna struggle to do this many then aim to post at least one image a day.

Look At Who Follows Your Competitors

Take a look at your competitors' followers and start following them. Interact with them with a like or a comment and you will soon pick them up as followers as well.

Have Beautiful Images

This one kind of goes without saying. Instagram’s success is built upon users have great and interesting imagery, so your posts should be no exception. Mobile phones come with good quality integrated cameras these days but you could also look to purchase a DSLR camera.

Ways To Make Money On Instagram

Once you get your following what next? Well, there are a few different ways to make some money:

Sponsored Posts For Brands

If you have built up a large enough, loyal and engaged following you might be considered by brands for sponsored posts. Influencer is a term you may have heard of being discussed in relation to social media outlets. An influencer is someone who has significant reach among their members and can literally “influence” fashions and trends for example. Influencers are sought after by brands as they can hugely increase the brand’s own reach thus making them ideal for advertising.

For sponsorship, you will need that large dedicated following and there are some tools available to help you get noticed by brands:

Tapinfluence: You can make a profile with Tapinfluence detailing who you are and what you are about. Brands can then see this and invite you to work with them if interested

Ifluenz: This tool allows brands to create campaigns and then, in turn, influencers to approach the brands to work on those campaigns in partnership

Fohr Card: This “card” allows you to connect your social platforms to create your personalised influencer business card to promote to prospective brands

Crowd Tap: Perfect for smaller followings, Crowd Tap offers small content tasks in return for rewards

indaHash: Another great one for those with smaller followings is indaHash. On indaHash brands will put up campaigns for Instagram users with 700+ followers to participate in

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a product, or products, that your following will then go on to purchase or use. For every follower that clicks through your trackable link and makes a purchase you will, in turn, receive a commission in return. Affiliate marketing is a huge and well-established way of making money online.

You can either approach brands directly to become an affiliate, many will have affiliate programmes that you can simply apply for on their site. The alternative is to use sites known as marketplaces that house multiple brand affiliate programmes for example ClickBank. ClickBank is open to all and houses thousands of different brands.

Sell Your Photos

Instagram is all about beautiful and interesting photos, so why not sell them at the same time? There are services out there that will allow you to sell your images as prints, or physical products for profit. If you are a talented pro or amateur photographer take a look at these sites:





Advertise Your Own Business

There aren’t many places where you can advertise to a potential market of 1 billion people every day and for free! So take advantage of it and get promoting your business on Instagram with beautiful pictures and imagery showing off the best you can offer.

Time To Get Posting

Now you have seen what potential opportunities are out there, the next step is to make it happen! It will take time, hard work and commitment but the possible rewards far outweigh this.

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