Matched Betting Cheltenham 2022: How to Prepare


1 Feb 2022

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

The biggest event of the year in the Matched Betting calendar is nearly upon us: The 2022 Cheltenham Festival.

The 2022 Cheltenham Festival will take place over 4 days from Tuesday 15th March until Friday 18th March. Traditionally these 4 days can be some of the most profitable of the year for anyone Matched Betting – regardless if you’re quite new to the process or an old-hand.

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Why is the Cheltenham Festival such a big deal in Matched Betting?

That’s easy...the more popular an event is with traditional punters the better that event is for Matched Betting.

Cheltenham is MASSIVELY popular with punters and over the course of the festival they will bet hundreds of millions of pounds with the bookies. Each bookie will be fighting it out to make sure the punters are choosing them to bet with.

This means they’ll be pushing very competitive odds, loads of free bet offers, money back specials, price boosts and more extra place races, with ‘extra’ extra places!

These all add up to give us an absolute ton of opportunities to earn some extra cash through Matched Betting.

For 4 days solid! Lovely :)

If this is your first time Matched Betting the Cheltenham Festival and you want to see the best returns for the time you put in you need to get prepared right now.

As always, we’re here to help you with some top tips to get you ready for Cheltenham.

Be Cheltenham Ready – Top Tips to Get Prepared

1) Practice Makes Perfect Profit

If you’ve never bet on Horse Racing before this week is the time to start!

First of all – please watch and read this super useful guide on Horse Racing Terminology.

We tend to recommend where possible that you place your bets on the actual day of the race. If you’re a beginner, we'd also recommend to avoid betting near the start of the race (30 minutes or so before) as the odds can move quickly at that time making it harder for us to place our bets at the odds we want.

Start by placing a few Qualifying Bets for any relevant weekly bet clubs and/or by doing a few Mug Bets on horse racing. Then add in any Price Boosts that pop up on Horse Racing too.

Next, start to add in a few Horse Racing Refunds (a.k.a. Money Back Specials). There is a great introductory guide on these types of offer available here. At this point you want to become pretty confident at finding good bets using both the Oddsmatching Tool filters and the Match Catcher Tool.

If you have a decent bankroll available, you then also want to start learning about Extra Place Offers – right here.

Extra Places are considered to be a more advanced type of Horse Racing Matched Betting reload offer – but are well worth investing the time in learning because of the substantial profits they can make you once you master them.

We’d advise to spend your time this week learning how to do Extra Places and about the strategic approaches to doing them (i.e. strict control of Qualifying Losses and choosing horses with good implied odds). As well as reading all the guides and getting to grips with using the Extra Place Catcher, we’d also recommend reading through the Daily Extra Place threads in the forum over the next few days (which is in the Reloads > Horse Racing section). In these threads you can pick up additional tips and advice on how to approach Extra Places direct from the members who really excel at them.

This Saturday would then be a good time to have a go at doing your very first Extra Place Offers. From there you can then keep practicing and refining your skills until Cheltenham where you will then hopefully be confident enough to tackle as many Extra Places Races as you can.

This is what our Founder Sam had to say about Cheltenham in 2021 - and this year nothing has changed.

2) Get 0% Commission at Smarkets and Matchbook (if eligible)

Follow this guide to get 0% commission at Smarkets.

If you haven’t signed up to Matchbook yet, follow this guide here to get 0% commission there too.

3) Boost then organise your bankroll

Over this next week if you’ve got signup offers left to do get them done and out of the way. Also hit any and every reload offer you are able to do that comes your way - no matter how small the profit - it all soon adds up. You want to build up your bankroll as much as you can ready for Cheltenham.

Blasting through a few of the easier casino signup offers could also we very worth your while this week.

Next week, you then want to start looking at moving as much of your bankroll as possible, especially from the bookies you use less often, into your bank and preferred exchange accounts.

You want to have as much as you possibly can available in your exchanges. There is nothing worse than seeing an awesome offer over Cheltenham that you can’t do because you’re out of liability.

4) Understand and know how to use Shared Liability

Shared liability is absolutely essential to master for Cheltenham. Learn about it here.

If you don’t learn how to use shared liability to your advantage you will miss out on opportunities to profit at Cheltenham – especially if you only have a smaller bankroll.

5) Get organised

If you don’t already have a system in place to keep tabs on what offers you need to do by when, you need to sort it now.

You have to be organised over Cheltenham otherwise you will miss out on profits.

If you’re not using them already our Offer Progress Tracking Tools are a great place to start.

6) Get ready to hustle over the festival period

We all know with Matched Betting the more time you can put in the more money you can make. This won’t be possible for everyone but if you can arrange it so you have as much time as possible to do Matched Betting over those four Cheltenham Festival days, it will pay off.

If, for example, you have flexible hours at work – see if you can start early on those days and then have a long lunch break – that you will then completely fill with Matched Betting. (We have experienced members who actually take the time off work so they can solely focus on the festival. Of course we can't all do this but the fact members do it at all just makes the point of how much is up for grabs).

If you normally exercise at some point during the morning or afternoon – get it done first thing instead – and replace that normal exercise time with Matched Betting time.

Leave any jobs that aren’t completely and utterly necessary to do during the day for late evening or very first thing in the morning. Over these 4 days – unloading the dish washer or getting that laundry out can wait until the Matched Betting is all done and dusted!

You may want to warn family/friends in advance that you will be super busy over the festival period too. Then they’ll be prepared for it when you suddenly run off after getting a notification from the OffersTeam on the forum or a private email offer from a bookie.

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