Matched Betting Glorious Goodwood 2021


26 Jul 2021

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

Glorious Goodwood 2021 starts on Tuesday 27th July, and lasts 5 days until Saturday 31st July.

Despite COVID, time seems to be flying this year as it feels like only yesterday we were cashing in from the the Cheltenham Festival, the Grand National and Royal Ascot.

We don't just like horse racing festivals in Matched Betting - we LOVE them.


As they usually mean the bookies bring to the table lots more free bet offers, money back specials, price boosts and additional 'extra place races' than they usually do. All these offers translate directly into more profits for us.

In this article we're going to share a few top tips on Matched Betting this week's Glorious Goodwood horse racing festival.

Following these tips there's then a brilliant guide for beginners on how to approach each day of the festival.

Who's this article for? This article is best for anyone completely new to Matched Betting, any of our members relatively new to doing reload offers, or for those who have never done Matched Betting during a major horse racing festival before.

TIP 1 - Mission CRITICAL! 0% Exchange Commissions.

Make sure your 0% commission is active at Smarkets and Matchbook (if eligible)

This is so vitally important to do. We really can't emphasize this enough.

If you haven't already please follow this guide to get 0% commission at Smarkets.

If you haven’t signed up to Matchbook yet, follow this guide here to get 0% commission there too.

TIP 2 - Know the Schedule

Glorious Goodwood 2021 Races, ITV Races and Highlights

When Matched Betting Glorious Goodwood 2021 it is exceptionally useful to know - at least roughly - the daily race schedules and which races are considered as the ‘highlight’. Although the bookmakers often run a variety of offers for us to profit from over the course of the festival, several tend to focus their very best offers on either the first race of the day or the ‘highlight’ race.

Additionally, if you're a member that has chosen to regularly mug bet to try and keep your Matched Betting accounts healthy for as long as possible - knowing which horses and races the punters will be tending to bet on can also be super useful to know. The point of mug betting after all is to help you appear more like a punter than a Matched Bettor - so why not follow what 'the crowd' are doing?

(Please note this is a provisional schedule and may be subject to change)

Tuesday, 27th July 2021

13:50 Chesterfield Cup Handicap
14:25 Vintage Stakes
15:00 Lennox Stakes
15:35 Goodwood Cup - Highlight Race - Stradivarius who has won this race 4 times previously has entered again but will be up against Subjectavist, who beat him at Royal Ascot.
16:10 Goodwood Handicap
16:45 Maiden Stakes
17:20 Fillies' Handicap

Wednesday, 28th July 2021

13:50 Unibet "15 To Go" Handicap
14:25 Oak Tree Stakes
15:00 Molecomb Stakes
15:35 Sussex Stakes - Highlight Race - Poetic Flare and Palace Pier seem likely favourites
16:10 Fillies' Conditions Stakes
16:45 Fillies' Handicap
17:20 Singleton Handicap

Thursday, 29th July 2021

13:50 Kincsem Handicap
14:25 Richmond Stakes
15:00 Gordon Stakes
15:35 Nassau Stakes - Highlight Race
16:10 Nursery Handicap
16:45 Maiden Fillies' Handicap
17:20 Halnaker Handicap

Friday, 30th July 2021

13:50 Goodwood Handicap
14:25 Thoroughbred Stakes
15:00 Golden Mile Handicap
15:35 King George Qatar Stakes - Highlight Race - Battaash, who like Stradivarius has won at Goodwood 4 times and has also lost recently at Royal Ascot, will face stiff competition to win a 5th time.
16:10 Glorious Stakes
16:45 Nursery Handicap
17:20 Tatler Handicap

Saturday, 31st July 2021 – Highlight Day!

13:50 Stewards' Sprint Handicap
14:25 Summer Handicap
15:00 Lillie Langtry Stakes
15:35 Steward's Cup - Highlight Race
16:10 Thames Materials Handicap
16:45 Maiden Stakes
17:20 Apprentice Handicap

TIP 3 - Don't miss any offers!

Missed offers = missed profits. Here's how to avoid missing the best offers:

1) Check your emails and texts regularly throughout the day:
Watch out for private or invite-only offers from the bookies coming directly to you. They can sometimes send them last minute so try keep an eye for these throughout the day.

If you receive a private email offer and you're not sure if it's worthwhile doing or not - the best place to ask is in the forum on the topic "Sports - Is this offer worth doing?".

Don't forget to let other members know about the offer - just in case they've received it too. You can do this in the forum in the "Offers posted by members section".

2) Follow the OffersTeamPA on the Forum:
This is absolutely essential for making top profits from reloads in general every single day!

How do you do this?

Open the forum then go to ‘OffersTeamPA’ here

Then click the green plus sign to follow the team and you’ll see every offer that they post in the forum and get a notification pop up each time they do.

3) 'Watch' the following Forum threads:
Another standard essential you should be doing anyway!

The topics we recommend to watch for great profits over Glorious Goodwood include:

How do you watch a topic?

By selecting the ‘Not Watching’ button on the topic and switching it to ‘Watching’

You will then get notifications pop up every time there is a new post in that topic.

Here’s an example of notifications coming from the Price Boost topic:

TIP 4 - Use Shared Liability

Remember to take advantage of Shared Liability anytime you can. Using this as much as possible will allow you to get more offers done and make more profits.

TIP 5 - Stick to what you know and can do well

Don't be tempted to jump in on the more advanced offers too soon

We all know experienced members, like Toby and Alun, will be smashing the Extra Places out on every horse racing festival they can across the year and you will undoubtedly see members sharing their 'EP Profit Booms' when their horses hit the extra place and potentially make them hundreds of pounds in one go.

If you have not already been practicing Extra Place Offers well before Goodwood AND read ALL the guides AND tips on the forum about how to do them, at this point in time, please don't decide to suddenly start trying to do them. Although very profitable they are considered to be an advanced type of Matched Betting offer and therefore need some investment of time to learn and master.

They are profitable to do all year round - so you really don't need to feel like you're missing out. You can learn them later once you're more experienced with other horse racing offers.

Newbie Daily Strategy Guide to Matched Betting Glorious Goodwood 2021

There are loads of profits to be made over this festival but if you’re quite new to Matched Betting it can be easy to get overwhelmed with what to do first. As always, we’re here to help you! Here's a useful strategy guide for how you could choose to approach your day.

  1. Do any and all "Guaranteed" Profit Offers first. Any easy Bet & Get offers, risk-free bets (refund if your horse loses) and direct free bets. You don't want to tie up liability (exchange balance) doing Potential Profit offers first then realize you don't have enough to do a "Guaranteed" Profit Offer.
  2. Keep an eye on Price Boosts. Throughout the day there will be numerous Price Boosts (enhanced odds) offers available which we can make a quick guaranteed profit from with very little effort. If the boost is on a strong favourite to win you could consider underlaying for a potential larger profit as well.
  3. Tackle Horse Racing Refunds (a.k.a. ITV Horse Racing) that have the best chance of occurring. On each day there will be a full list of these offers available on the reloads offer main list and on the forum under Sports Reloads Offers > Horse Racing. The top part of the list includes offers that give you a better chance of making a profit on. Complete these first before doing anything else.
  4. If you've not ever done Extra Places before - tackle any remaining Horse Racing Refunds. If you still have liability left over in your betting exchanges after completing all the 3 steps above, then you could consider also doing some of the refund offers that have a lower chance of occurring. (E.g. £10 free bet if your horse finishes 2nd to the Starting Price (SP) favourite).
  5. If you've been practicing or already doing Extra Places - tackle these first before the lower value Horse Racing Refunds (4 above). If you still have some liability left over in your betting exchanges then now is the time to get on the Extra Place Offers.

Full list of Matched Betting horse racing guides, tools and resources

The majority of these tools and resources are only available to our Platinum and Diamond Members. All these guides and tools are absolutely essential to have access too before tackling any kind of horse racing reload offers. Without them it’s hard to find enough time to make these offers worthwhile doing as manually searching can take hours.

Guide on Useful Horse Racing Terminology

Horse Racing Refunds Full Guide

Match Catcher (horse racing odds matching software)

Match Catcher Tool Tutorial

Bet365 Horse Racing Refunds (a more advanced horse racing refunds offer)

Rule 4 Guide (useful for the Bet365 refund offer)

Extra Place Offers and Each Way Bets, Full Guide

Extra Place Catcher (horse racing odds matching software)

Extra Place Catcher Tutorial

Each Way Calculator (matched betting calculator)

Shared Liability Guide

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