Revealed: The Total Profit From Price Boosts In 2021!


11 Jan 2022

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Unless you’re completely new to Matched Betting, you’re probably already familiar with price boosts.

What you might not be aware of is the insane profits that you could be making from them!

In this post, you’ll discover the total profit that was available from price boosts in 2021.

Spoiler alert, it’s over £10,000!

You'll also learn exactly how to smash price boosts offers to supercharge your profits in 2022!

The Process

Picture the scene, you’re out shopping, doing the housework, watching TV, or down the pub, and you get a PING PING on your phone from a special chat thread in the Profit Accumulator community forum…

A PA member has spotted a profitable price boost offer at a bookie and quickly shared it with everyone…

Within a minute (or two), with the click of a few buttons, you’ve taken advantage of the price boost and banked yourself £4.55 profit. Regardless of whether Chacun Pour Soi wins the race or not!

Repeat this simple process just a few times a day and suddenly you’re making a consistent side income, with very little time or effort required.

Our team and thousands of members share these price boosts day in day out...

So just how many boosts get shared and how much profit is up for grabs?

Let’s take a look!

The Total Profit Available In 2021!

Since its creation in 2015, there have been over 32,000 price boosts shared in the dedicated thread of our Matched Betting Forum!

In 2021 there were a total of 7524 price boosts shared!

Based on using either a £10 stake on each price boost, or the maximum stake amount that was quoted:

The total available profit from Price Boosts offers was £12,954 in 2021.

That works out, on average, to over £1,000 of price boosts every single month!

Can I Make Money From Every Boost That's Shared?

Betting on every single price boost just isn’t going to happen. You’d need to be watching the price boosts thread 24/7, have a full set of healthy betting accounts and a very good sized Matched Betting Bankroll.

So What’s Realistic?

In 2021, the average price boost resulted in a profit of £1.72. If you’d done 3 price boosts per day (less than 10% of the total price boosts available) you would have expected to make about £1883 profit from boosts in 2021.

If it took us 10 minutes to complete those 3 price boosts each day - that’s about £150 profit for just over 5 hours of effort over a whole month.

Or about £30 (tax free) per hour.

Not bad!

Of course if you completed more price boosts, you could make a lot more profit.

Food for thought: A subscription to Profit Accumulator not only give you access to over 60 bookmaker signup offers (worth over £650 in profit) but it also gives you access to the special Price Boosts chat thread in the community forum, PLUS loads of other types of reload offers you can make money from too. You could easily cover the cost of a monthly Platinum membership just by hitting a few price boosts each month. So, we hope you can see just what amazing value we offer you!

Upgrade to a Platinum membership NOW!

Now you know just how profitable price boosts can be, you might be wondering how you can quickly complete price boost offers.

Let’s take a look….

How Do Price Boosts Work?

Price boosts are where a bookie offers higher odds on a certain bet as a promotion to their customers.

Let's say most of the bookies are offering odds of 2.0 on Man Utd to win their next match.

If you were to bet £10, and the bet wins, you would get back £20 (your £10 stake + £10 winnings).

But, Ladbrokes decides to boost (or enhance) the odds on Man Utd to win from 2.0 to 3.0.

Now, if you were to bet £10, and the bet wins, you would get back £30 (your £10 stake + £20 winnings).

This is now what we call a Price Boost.

So how do we use price boosts to make a profit no matter if Man Utd win the game or not?

If the price boost odds are higher than the lay odds at a betting exchange, we can place a Matched Bet to make an instant profit.

Not all price boosts meet this criteria. But, in the special chat thread on our forum, we ONLY share the Price Boosts that will make us a profit.

This chat thread makes doing Price Boosts a breeze. Not only does it mean you don’t have to waste time trying to find boosts yourself, you also don’t need to waste time working out if a boost is profitable. It’s already done for you!

See boost - do boost - make money. That’s how Profit Accumulator members roll.

What Bets Do You Place To Make An Instant Profit?

You see a profitable price boost posted in our Matched Betting Forum, but what comes next?

Let’s work through this example:

The first thing to do is open our Matched Betting Calculator as this will tell us quickly exactly what bets to place, and how much profit we will make. It literally does all the maths for you in seconds.

The calculator will ask us to enter four things:

  • Stake - Price Boosts tend to have a maximum stake that the bookie lets you bet, it’s usually £5, £10 or £20. In the case of this William Hill boost example, our maximum stake is £10.
  • Back Odds - This is the price boost odds at William Hill. In this example the back odds are 3.0 for Tritonic to win the race.
  • Lay Odds - The lay odds at the betting exchange (such as Smarkets). In this example the lay odds are 2.58 (the odds on Tritonic NOT to win the race).
  • Lay Commission - Profit Accumulator members can pay 0% commission as part of our partnership with Smarkets. (Basically this helps you make a few extra pence on every price boost you do. If you’re doing 3 boosts a day those extra pennies quickly add up - just another benefit of being a member!)

Once we enter this information into our Matched Betting Calculator, we will see the following:

So we bet £10 at the boosted odds on William Hill.

We place a lay bet at Smarkets of £11.63 at odds of 2.58

Regardless of whether or not our horse Tritonic wins the race, we make a profit of at least £1.62.

More Food for Thought! As soon as we place our back and lay bets, we know we have made £1.62 profit no matter where Tritonic comes in the race. Yes - BEFORE the race is even run - we’re in profit and don’t even care where the horse comes. That’s Matched Betting in a nutshell!

Not bad for a couple of minutes of work!

Then repeat, repeat, repeat as and when you can on any Price Boosts that pop-up throughout the day - on any days you happen to have a bit of spare time. Price boosts are super flexible and can fit in somewhere to most people’s daily routine.

Where To Find Price Boosts

Our dedicated price boosts thread in the Matched Betting Forum is the ultimate resource for making ongoing profits from price boosts!

By following this thread you will be kept constantly up to date on the latest profitable price boosts taking all of the time and effort out of searching for price boosts!

The price boosts thread is only available to Platinum and Diamond members.

Just a few pop-up price boosts each day could more than cover your Profit Accumulator membership, so don't miss out.

Grab your Profit Accumulator membership now!

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