The Offer Progress Tracking Tools – Why you need them and how to use them


11 Feb 2021

Updated: 24 Feb 2023

Why tracking is important in Matched Betting

There is nothing more frustrating in Matched Betting than forgetting about a free bet or free spins you needed to do and them then expiring.

Most of us have done it at some point and it’s extremely annoying.

Our Matched Betting Offer Progress Tracking Tools can help you put a stop to that by allowing you to keep track of what you need to do by when in a really simple way. They even allow you to get notifications direct to your mobile so that even if you’re out and about you won’t miss out.

These tools also keep track of which offers you’ve completed – both for signup and reload offers alike – so you don’t get confused with where you’re up to and can see clearly what you need to do next.

(If you’re a Platinum Member interested in what tools we have to keep tabs on where your money is – please take a look at our Profit Tracking Tool Guide here).

Tracking must be efficient – not laborious

Getting good at using our tools and establishing your own system with them may initially take a little time, but remember - keeping organised and tracking what you’re doing as efficiently as possible is important in Matched Betting.

Our tools are designed for you to do be efficient and to help you avoid ‘over-tracking’ as well - as doing that can often end up eating into your rewards over the long-term.

(Over-tracking is where you waste time writing down every little detail of what you’ve done on an offer instead of completing more offers. Although detailed tracking can be very useful for some brand new members as it helps them understand what they’re doing, continuing this level of tracking long-term when you’ve got the hang of it all and completely understand the process can become a poor use of the time you have for Matched Betting.)

How to use our Offer Progress Tracking Tools

Offers ‘In Progress’

On the guide page for any specific offer – be it a signup offer or a reload offer – once you’ve completed a specific section of the offer, such as the Qualifying Bet, you can click the button ‘Mark As in Progress’ to remind yourself to complete the rest of the offer another day.

Once you click that button, the offer will be added to your ‘In Progress’ section.

To view your ‘In Progress’ section you can click the ‘In Progress’ text under this button:

Alternatively you can also go to the main signup offers list page, or the reload offers list page, and then click the ‘In Progress’ tab at the top of the list of offers.

Once in the ‘In Progress’ section you will be able to see any offers you’ve marked as such – be they signups, reload or otherwise.

In this section you can then add a relevant ‘Due Date’ and ‘Notes’ as you see fit.

The ‘Due Dates’ act as reminders that you need to do something in regard to that offer on a specific date.

Anytime you add (or edit) this information you must click the ‘Update’ button in order for it to save. Don’t forget or the information won’t save!

Here’s an example of what this section would look like after adding a few different offers with ‘Due Dates’ and ‘Notes’ in:

In this example both 888Sport and William Hill only issue our free bets once our Qualifying Bets have settled. As our Qualifying Bets on these offers will settle on an evening we’ve decided to input the ‘Due Date that the free bets will be issued’ for the day after our Qualifying Bets settle. We’ve done this as we would like to check in the morning on those days that we’ve received the free bets into our accounts and then we will update this list and schedule ourselves a time to do them (likely at the weekend).

If you’re free to do Matched Betting late evening you might want to put the Due Date on the actual day your Qualifying Bets settle and complete the free bets as soon as they come into your account.

Alternatively you might want to put the Due Date for a specific day when you’ll actually have time to complete the free bets. We did this with the Ladbrokes Free Bets in this example as they were issued to us immediately when we placed our Qualifying Bet so we already knew they were in our account ready for us to use when we next have time (which would be at the weekend). We added an extra note that we must do these Ladbrokes free bets by a certain date as they have a 7 day expiry.

You can develop your own system of Due Dates and Notes with this tool that suit your needs and when you can do your Matched Betting.

You also have the option to edit the ‘Start Dates’ of an offer as well if you want to.

Just remember! Anytime you add (or edit) any information on a specific offer you must click the ‘Update’ button in order for it to save.

Dashboard Reminders of Upcoming Due Dates

When you login to Outplayed on your main Dashboard you will be able to see a summarized list of ‘Due’ offer tasks to do by date.

Please note a maximum of 5 offers will appear in this list at a time, so depending on how many tasks you have pending you may want to check your ‘In Progress’ section directly as well.

Due Date Notification Reminders to your Mobile

The real strength of this Offer Progress Tracking Tool comes in to play when used in conjunction with notifications direct to your mobile.

Platinum Members can watch a full guide on how to set up mobile notifications here.

Once you’re set up all you then want to do is make sure the ‘Offer Reminders’ section under Mobile Notifications on your Dashboard is then checked:

This feature of our tools ensures you’ll never forget about a free bet again – no matter where you are.

Offers ‘Completed’

Once you finish an offer as soon as you ‘Mark it as Complete’ any associated notes in your ‘In Progress’ section related to that offer will automatically be deleted.

You can mark an offer as complete either directly from the list of offers using the ‘tick’ button:

Or via the green ‘Mark as Complete’ button on any offer’s actual guide page:

Any offers you ‘Mark as Complete’ will be archived under the ‘Complete’ tab on the list of offers in the signup or reload offer sections.

If you’ve accidentally marked an offer as complete, you can make it incomplete by checking the ‘tick’ box again.

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