Working from home, not working alone!

Lauren Shuckburgh

1 Jun 2015

Updated: 23 Nov 2023

Earning money from home can be a lonely thing. If you’re unsure about what you’re doing and you’re struggling to find help, it’s easy to lack motivation.

After reading through the results of the survey, it’s very clear to me that the people who are getting the most out of our system (managing to reach higher monetary targets without spending too much over an hour a day Matched Betting), are the people who are making the most of our social media outlets such as the Twitter and Facebook pages.

In a system like this, where results are often dependent on your understanding and self-motivation, it’s often easy to forget that you’re not alone.

We currently have over eight and a half thousand paying members. The likelihood is that if you head over to the forums to discuss the daily offers, you’ll often cross paths with people doing the same offers at the same time as yourself.

Facebook may not be for everyone, but it’s a fantastic tool when you're using a system like this. If you're a Platinum member and not using the forums already, it's quick and easy to set up a profile. Then you just need to request access to the private Platinum Members forum. All of the details can be found here.

At the bottom of the daily reload offers on the website, you'll find a link to the Facebook thread made specifically for that offer. It couldn't be simpler!

Join us as a Platinum member today to get access to this forum, or jump onto the fan page to find like-minded people for free.