Estimated Value Calculator added to matched betting tools

James McMath

11 Sep 2017

Updated: 19 Nov 2023

At Profit Accumulator, we're continually striving to improve our service and help make members' matched betting as efficient as possible.

We have more matched betting calculators than any other service and we are delighted to announce our latest piece of software - the Estimated Value Calculator.

Estimated Value Calculator

The EV calculator is designed to help members work out the estimated value on offers that with wagering requirements.

It can be used to work out the EV of deposits, bonuses or both.

It can be used to work out the estimated value of casino offers, free spins, deposit bonuses and sportsbook wagering offers.

Calculating casino offers

The EV Calculator allows members to calculate the potential value of an offer by inputting the deposit amount, bonus amount, wagering requirements and return to player (RTP) of the game or slot in question.

The 'free spins active' button can be toggled when the free spins have been activated, allowing players to calculate the value of the offer from the free spins.

Calculating sportsbook offers

The EV Calculator can also be used to calculate the value of sports offers, with RTP being replaced by the match rating.

More matched betting calculators

The EV calculator is the latest in our armoury of matched betting tools.

As well as the main matched betting calculator, Profit Accumulator members can access 12 advanced tools.

These calculators help reduce the time and effort it takes for matched betting and also ensure that profits can be earned on a long-term basis.