How To Make Money Matched Betting Without Free Bets


25 Mar 2024

Updated: 25 Mar 2024

When you start Matched Betting, free bets are super valuable and are often the easiest profits to begin with. However, you can make money Matched Betting without free bets in several ways.

The good news - you can often use your gubbed or restricted accounts to profit from some of these methods.

The GREAT news - some of these strategies are THE MOST PROFITABLE you can do so are a brilliant way to help you make more money for longer.

Price Boosts

Difficulty: Easy - Start these now!

Can You Use Gubbed Accounts?: Yes.

Price boosts are a quick and easy type of offer that you should already include in your Matched Betting routine and fortunately, these offers can still be done on your gubbed accounts.

You’ll likely have seen when bookies offer special ‘enhanced odds’ or ‘odds boosts’.

Whilst these boosts are a ploy to try and attract more customers, you can often use them to lock in a profit.

You can do this whenever the boosted odds are higher than the lay odds at a betting exchange.

By placing a Matched Bet you’ll cover all outcomes of the event to ensure you profit whatever the result using our Matched Betting calculator.

This involves placing a back and lay bet to lock in an instant profit from the price boost.

This quick and easy process makes price boosts great if you’re short on time and these offers alone can generate you a healthy amount of profit each month.

We tracked all the value posted in our forum price boost thread in 2023.

The monthly average for 2023 was well over £400 of price boost value.

It’s unrealistic to bet on every price boost available but if you manage to place around half of the posted opportunities you could make over £200 each month just from these simple price boost offers.

Cash Refund Offers

Difficulty: Easy.

Can You Use Gubbed Accounts?: No - you’ll likely not be able to do these offers if you’re already gubbed.

Some bookmakers run offers where you receive your cash stake as a refund if, for example, your bet loses.

The beauty of these offers is that they’re very simple to set up.

By placing a back and lay bet, you’ll lock in a small qualifying loss and if the refund offer triggers, you get the cash refund - that’s it - you’ve finished the offer!

You don’t have to then go and place a back bet and lay bet again with a free bet to lock in profit because the reward was withdrawable cash.

2up Early Payout Offers

Difficulty: Medium - easy to set up but high variance.

Can You Use Gubbed Accounts?: No - you can’t do these offers if you’re already gubbed.

The 2up early payout offer is a football offer run exclusively for existing customers at some bookmakers.

For regular punters, the offer in itself is quite simple:

If your team that you bet on goes 2 goals ahead of the other team at any time in the match – the bookmaker will pay you out as a winner regardless of what the final result of the match is.

For example, if you placed a bet on Chelsea to win vs Liverpool.

If Chelsea were winning 2-0 at half-time, your bet would be paid out as a winner, even though the game hadn’t yet finished.

If Chelsea then went on to draw or lose at full-time, your bet would remain as a winner with a full cash payout even though your bet lost in the end!

You can use Matched Betting to give yourself a super low-risk chance of some HUGE profits using this offer!

The key is finding the right value bets that are profitable long term and our revolutionary 2up Master software makes finding these 2up Early Payout opportunities a breeze available with an Outplayed Pro membership.

Casino Offers

Difficulty: Mixed - ranging from easy to hard.

Can You Use Gubbed Accounts?: Yes - in most cases.

Casino offers are a brilliant way to add an extra stream of income to your Matched Betting portfolio.

These offers range from completely risk-free right up to high risk so you can start with the risk-free and low-risk offers to begin with even if you’ve got a small bankroll.

You’ll have noticed that most bookmakers have a casino section on their website. In most cases, you’ll find you can still do casino promotions listed there even if you’ve been gubbed for sports offers.

You’ll also find that your casino accounts will last much longer compared to your sports account offers so another reason to begin including them into your routine.

Extra Places Offers

Difficulty: Hard - must be confident placing horse racing bets and dealing with high variance.

Can You Use Gubbed Accounts?: Yes - apart from Boylesports and Bet Victor.

Extra Place offers are a horse racing promotion on offer at most bookmakers.

An “Extra Place” is when the bookmaker says they’ll add one (or more) additional places to their standard place classification on a particular race.

So, for example, they may offer to “pay 4 places on a race” instead of the standard 3 places. The 4th position in this instance is then the “Extra Place”.

You can place a matched bet so if your horse finishes in that 4th position in a race (the “extra place”), you make a profit.

Most bookmakers will pay out on this promotion even if you’ve previously been gubbed. Boylesports and Bet Victor are the only two sites that do not typically pay out extra places on gubbed accounts but some members have reported they are fine to use so is a case of placing a few small qualifying bets to test those two bookies.

Horse Racing extra place offers are an ADVANCED type of Matched Betting Offer and not something to jump straight into.

Be sure that you’ve read ALL the extra places offers guides, watched ALL the training videos and feel very confident in what you're doing first. It’s a great idea to start by trying some extra places using small stakes (£2 max) - that way, if you make a mistake it won’t be too costly.

Experienced Matched Bettors are using the powerful Extra Place Master tool available with our Outplayed Pro membership to make an easy £500+ a month from these Extra Place offers.

Arbing (Arbitrage Betting)

Difficulty: Easy.

Can You Use Gubbed Accounts?: Yes.

Arbitrage betting, or arbing, is when you place a back bet at the bookmaker offering higher odds than the available lay odds at a betting exchange.

This is a very quick and easy process to lock in instant profits using the Matched Betting Calculator in the same way as Price Boosts.

However - it’s not something you should ever do on a healthy account, as these types of bets will make you stand out as a Matched Bettor using odds software to find the best value bets. This will mean your account will be quickly gubbed and restricted.

Price boosts are an exception because these boosts are heavily advertised by bookies so many regular punters will be using the boosts as well as Matched Bettors.

If you’re already gubbed from a bookmaker, there is no harm in placing some arb bets, though consider this low priority as your bet amounts are often restricted to tiny figures when taking too many arb bets.

You should also be aware that if the back odds are significantly higher than the lay odds at the betting exchanges they may be classed as something bookies call palpable errors (or palps) which mean they can void your bet or payout at lower odds. Whilst this is rare and fully legal, it’s easy to avoid palp bets that seem too good to be true.


The main takeaway from this article is that there are a variety of ways you can make money from Matched Betting other than using free bets.

You should spend time including at least some of these strategies into your routine as they are some of the most profitable ways to make money from betting.

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