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Sam Stoffel

4 Dec 2019


On 1st November 2022, we changed our name from Profit Accumulator to Outplayed.com. This article sometimes refers to our old name - Profit Accumulator.

The Ugly Truth.

When it comes to learning about Matched Betting there are two main players in the subscription market for customers to choose from, Profit Accumulator (now Outplayed.com) and Oddsmonkey. If you were to look over the internet you will find many arguments and counter-arguments, over who is the best and who you should invest your time and money with through a subscription.

We feel that now is the time that you knew the truth about the true value of a Profit Accumulator membership in comparison to an Oddsmonkey sub, and also about the way offers are found and posted by the Oddsmonkey team.

True Value of Offers

You may well have received recent email marketing from Oddsmonkey promoting the value of their signups as being over £1000, so how does that compare to Profit Accumulator’s offering?

At the time of writing (Dec 2019), Profit Accumulator has £1768 worth of signup offers available for our members to take advantage of in our sports section, Oddsmonkey?

Oddsmonkey have just £1418 available in their corresponding section.

This means with Profit Accumulator you will gain access to £350 worth of extra offers in our signup section alone.


Reload offers are a fundamental way of matched betting sites, serious Matched Bettors cannot live off signup offers alone.

So, how do the two companies compare in this area:

Well, as you can see, Profit Accumulator (now Outplayed) are streets ahead in this department as well.

During October 2019, Profit Accumulator posted reload offers with an expected value of £1914.57 (not including offers where the value can't be calculated, like racing refunds etc).

The total for Oddsmonkey for the same time period was just £1327.75

This equates to Oddsmonkey missing more than 100 reload offers worth nearly £600.

View Full Documented Evidence Of Missed Offers Here

In the current Matched Betting climate every offer is vital to fully maximise the potential return we can make. The failure to post over 100 reload offers that would be of interest to their paying customers is simply not acceptable. In addition, if you consider the potential value of these offers, then you can see where the true value sits when it comes to choosing a service for your Matched Betting needs.


Finding And Posting Offers

The Profit Accumulator offers team are the best in the business, hands down, at finding offers for our members to take advantage of. They work tirelessly around the clock to ensure our members have the best, and just as importantly, safest offers out there to make matched betting return from.

We are incredibly proud of our team and the work that they do, the extra hours they put in to ensure that our members know that they can rely on Profit Accumulator to provide them with the very best offers service possible.


Read on to view proof

Oddsmonkey Plagiarism Evidence

Whilst we accept that bookie free bet offers are fair game to all, given that they are freely advertised online, what we don’t accept is the outright copying of offers that our team have worked hard to find and write up, appearing on the Oddsmonkey site.

But this is exactly what is happening time and time again

We have long suspected, and we are talking years here, that Oddsmonkey were actively copying our offers.

We post an offer, a short time later Oddsmonkey post the same offer.

This was happening pretty much daily.

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Maybe, but not when you consider that at times we have had entire instructions copied and pasted across, without even an attempt to hide the fact.

Instructions that were written by Profit Accumulator staff and appeared on the Profit Accumulator website way before they did on Oddsmonkey!

But we needed proof, and undeniable proof at that.

Also get more information about the profit accumulator oddsmatcher



Take a look at this image here (click on image to open):

This is for an offer posted on the Oddsmonkey site, nothing untowards no?

Let’s zoom in on the footballer a bit

Still not seeing anything strange? Well let’s go in a bit more and take a closer look at the footballer’s shorts

Yes that’s right! We payed homage to Oddsmonkey’s sponsoring of Wigan Athletic and hid a watermark of our logo on the footballer’s shorts!

Oddsmonkey didn’t disappoint us and copied and pasted it directly onto their own site!

Oddsmonkey members can see this here: https://community.oddsmonkey.com/topic/49301/rizk-bet-20-get-10-free-bet-if-it-loses-manchester-united-v-arsenal/

Be quick though, it will no doubt soon be removed!

Here is the original Rizk image for reference, note the lack of PA logo


Further Evidence...

In the next two examples we added a single white line to our image for these offers and, you guessed it, those very same images appeared a short time afterwards on Oddsmonkey:


Applying a small white line in the bottom corner (adjacent to cursor) prior to adding image to PA site...


In this example we placed a small white line directly below the Blue Wizard graphic and once again....

Need more proof?


Well here is our logo again on an Oddsmonkey offer...

Now whilst we like a bit of free advertising, what we don’t like is our hard work being taken and displayed as Oddsmonkey’s own. You may believe that this is a new thing but no, this has been happening for years!


This rather comical episode took placed back in January 2018 and involved the copying of details for an instruction for a casino offer from the Profit Accumulator website.

Unfortunately for Oddsmonkey they forgot to change the url link on their calendar which led Oddsmonkey members directly to the Profit Accumulator forum if they clicked it!

On this image you can see the Profit Accumulator url...

And even when they tried to fix it...

The following two examples occurred back in 2017...


In this example we posted this offer with this specific line in (highlighted in blue)

Oddsmonkey then simply copied and pasted the entire sentence onto their website without even changing the wording! You couldn’t make it up!


In this example for a Golf Extra Places Offer the original post by Profit Accumulator can be seen here:

Little under an hour later, Oddsmonkey have then copied and pasted it word for word onto their website.

Take a look at the order of bookies and layout, this was no coincidence.

We think that's pretty irrefutable evidence that Oddsmonkey are reliant on Profit Accumulator for sourcing offers.

But then with customer service like this, are you really surprised?

Time To Move Over?

We are not claiming to be perfect at Profit Accumulator, far from it.

We are consistently and actively looking to improve in all areas of our service, including technology where we will be investing £500k into our systems in 2020. What we do claim, and what we have proven, is that in comparison to Oddsmonkey we provide a service where you will have access to more great value offers from signups AND more reload offers.

So, to put it simply, why would you not choose Profit Accumulator (now Outplayed)?

You can pay less to Oddsmonkey to get a service that provides you with fewer offers, less value and the bulk of offers that you do receive will be delayed and second hand.


You can pay £29.99 a month/£250 a year for Outplayed and gain access to FAR MORE offers worth hundreds of £s.


The decision is really, very, very simple.

After all if we are good enough for the Oddsmonkey team to have multiple accounts with us, then we must be doing something right...


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Updated: 30 Jun 2023


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